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When you consider how much it costs to hire someone for your business today, you realize just how important the candidate interview is. But what you also need to realize is that many job applicants are more experienced with the interviewing process than are the interviewers themselves, and this means you have to work hard at constantly improving your interviewing skill.

Dos and Don'ts That Make a Difference

  • Do prepare thoroughly - list all your questions in advance.
  • Do limit the actual interview session to a maximum of one and a half hours.
  • Do arrange for the interview in a quiet location, allow no interruptions, and use a table rather than a desk.
  • Do keep your talking to a minimum - your role is to ask questions and listen.
  • Do not convey your personal feelings or opinions to your candidates.
  • Do take detailed notes, and include actual quotations whenever you can.
  • Do confirm the essential qualifications of a candidate prior to the interview.
  • Do develop questions to elicit infor

Believe me, You can devote your life to increasing web site traffic, and I assume you don't want to do that. But with persistent, incremental effort, you will find that your traffic will build. Here are some of the simple things that you can do to make a difference in the number of site visitors you get.

I rarely link to another site unless there was a really good reason. The reasons are:

  • The other site is a great resource that demonstrates my ability to impartially and consistently find good resources for my visitors.
  • I will get paid for the referral or if the referee buys something (Affiliate Programs or such)

What Not to Do

  • Lnking back to me in exchange for my link to them (Recripocal Linking is Frowned Upon).

I do not recommend submitting to sites that are solely for reciprocal links because they are discounted by search engines, and they are often created to collect your email address to send spam to you.

The third is calle

7831162472?profile=RESIZE_400x1. Make sure your site content is optimized: Before you promote your site, you must optimize your content. Your search engine ranking is a based on a complex combination of keywords, content, and sites linking to you. You should also promote and optimize your site geographically. Great way to get more insight is using (subscription based).

 2. Build your customer base: Include an email sign-up on your site. It is ideal if you offer a monthly newsletter that users can opt-in and opt-out of. Provide solid content about what you are doing, success stories, and events. Ask experts in your field to contribute stories. You can also increase sales leads by offering incentives, contests, free info guides, product demos and white papers. In the long term, launching a sales lead program and a customer loyalty program are the most important steps you can take for and growing your business. You can later use this list of contacts for email marketing.

 3. Define your message and product of