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7831162472?profile=RESIZE_400x1. Make sure your site content is optimized: Before you promote your site, you must optimize your content. Your search engine ranking is a based on a complex combination of keywords, content, and sites linking to you. You should also promote and optimize your site geographically. Great way to get more insight is using (subscription based).

 2. Build your customer base: Include an email sign-up on your site. It is ideal if you offer a monthly newsletter that users can opt-in and opt-out of. Provide solid content about what you are doing, success stories, and events. Ask experts in your field to contribute stories. You can also increase sales leads by offering incentives, contests, free info guides, product demos and white papers. In the long term, launching a sales lead program and a customer loyalty program are the most important steps you can take for and growing your business. You can later use this list of contacts for email marketing.

 3. Define your message and product of