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Creating an Effective Resume

In order to present yourself to a prospective employee, you will need the following information to appear on your resume.
~ Current address and phone number, and if possible an email address.
~ A brief description of the job that you…

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Here are some factors in determining whether a domain name is a good one:

  • Make it easy to say out loud.
  • Make it memorable.
  • Avoid misspellings or abbreviations.
  • Try to keep it short -- preferably under 12 characters.
  • Include keywords that your prospects will be looking for but don't over do it.

There are basically two different ways to optimize your domain name:

  1. Make it easy to say and remember, or
  2. Make it include keywords.

If possible, optimize for both. If you will be telling people about the domain name in person, on business cards, or in commercials, try to optimize for (1) instead of (2). If you will be marketing mostly in the search engines, try to optimize for (2) instead of (1). It is usually easy to find a domain name with your keywords in it if you make use of hyphens in a domain name, and that makes it easy to optimize for (2), even in a time when many of the best domains are snatched up.

Develop a website with a domain name from the start. A domain name provides instant credibility, unlike a aol or yahoo url. Your domain name will not change even if you decide to change your website hosting company. And if you use your domain name email, you can keep the same address even when you change ISPs.

Depending on business goals and service range i.e. Nationwide or City-specific. Google loves to see brands rather than keyword oriented websites such as [service][city].com. Including a city within the domain might pigeon hold your business when trying to expand to other cities or states. Google will recognize the domain has [city] in it, but now you are trying to rank an inner page for another [city]. It just doesn't make sense and doesn't look natural.

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