Am I Too Old to Change Careers?

Am I Too Old to Change Careers?

7831525672?profile=RESIZE_400xIf all you want to do is drink cups of coffee and watch TV, then maybe you are. Get out your slippers, relax in a comfy chair in front of the box and enjoy yourself!!

If this doesn't describe you, and I suspect it doesn't or you wouldn't be reading this, then "What's Age Got to Do With This?" (you could sing that along to the tune of Tina Turners "what's love got to do with it" if you like)

So you probably don't want to keep doing what you're doing them or you wouldn't be asking "Are you too old to start a new career or employer".

What is it that you have in mind? Have you always had a dream of doing something? Have you always felt you were put on this earth for a reason and yet never quite worked out what that purpose was?

Maybe you have never discovered your true vocation is. Your authentic position. One where if you were to use your unique talents and abilities, you would get true satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.

Let me clarify.

When you were a child, did individuals ask you what you were going to be when you entered into adulthood? This question suggests that part of our identity is what we do for a position. That's not all of our identity, but its part of it.

So then I ask you the question, if you're going to start a new career or company, why not find one where you enjoy the time you work and feel like you are contributing to the world by using your different gifts and abilities?

This isn't as tricky as it sounds. You may like to get some career coaching to benefit you tease the facts out, but it is simply making money out what occupation you are particularly suited to.

To do this you will need to consider your values and what matters to you as a worker.

You will need to interpret your skills, abilities, and interests.

What motivates you and gets you and energizes you? (if you look at what doesn't motivate you first, you will be able to come up with what does motivate you more easily)

Maybe once you have worked out what you want to do, you could do some classes to gain the extra skills you need to do whatever it is that you want to do.

If you want to start your own employer, maybe you could start small on the side and gradually build up.

What ever you do, don't spend the rest of your days wishing you'd done something way back when.

In twenty years time you might still be asking "am I too old to start a new career or employer" and I might say yes!

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