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How you can Leverage Kindle Unlimited for Marketing Your Books

sunglasses shop discount Whether or not you're an experienced writer already racking up sales and new readership, or you're just dipping your toes to the vast seas of the self-publishing industry, the thought of making your books available through Kindle Unlimited (KU) has no doubt crossed your thoughts.

The real questions is, should you or shouldn't you?

Is there a clear advantage for you, the author, with this service? Because let's not pretend, your main goals are to gain exposure for your work create a living while doing it.

With this thought, a few discuss how you can market your books effectively by leveraging the Kindle Unlimited platform, along with the pros and negatives of KU vs a wider distribution strategy.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

In case you don't already know, Kindle Unlimited is a subscription-based service provided by Amazon . com that enables readers (Prime and otherwise) to access their entire inventory of KU books for just one low month to month fee.

At under 10 dollars a month, it's not hard to see why Kindle Unlimited has gained a reputation as the "Netflix" of books!

But , wait a minute... 10 dollars a month for unlimited accessibility to all their books!? If you're wondering who makes money with this set up other than Amazon, you'd probably be in good company.

Authors all over the world have recently been scratching their heads and tip-toeing around signing upward for Kindle Unlimited because they're not sure about its long-term benefits or potential drawbacks.

The Advantages and Cons of Using KU vs. Using Broader Distribution

There are several benefits and drawbacks that go together with using KU vs. wider distribution options, or doing the exact opposite.


It enhances the reach of your publications - Amazon has at least fifty percent market share in the ALL OF US and UK when it comes to digital guide sales. That's VERY considerable. Their best-selling Kindle ereading gadgets, tablets and apps, as well as Amazon's amazing ecommerce platform and knack for turning browsers into buyers are what drive this phenomenon. And it's increasing every year.
The bottom part line? Having your books showcased on Amazon increases the likelihood that they will be found and read by a lot of people.

You gain access to Amazon's ecommerce tools - Amazon's team is masterful at getting consumers to buy, and it's no different when they market digital books.
Through their KU program, you gain access to unique advertising tools like their Amazon kindle Countdown Deals and Free of charge Book Promotion, which both help to boost your readership and launch your new titles to success.

You earn royalties for ever page read - Unlike traditional books sales where a customer purchases your book and you get a one-off repayment, with KU authors are paid a tiny royalty for each and every page read from each book
Yes, you probably won't make millions, but every penny does add up.


Exclusivity of your book title with KU - You read right. If you determine to promote an e book using Kindle Unlimited, you can not promote that title somewhere else.
If you're title is bound to Amazon's KU for ninety day spans, after which, you have the option to restore your contract.

Potentially low earnings - Unless if you're in the top percentile of book publishers in the Kindle Unlimited program, you shouldn't expect to get hefty royalty checks.
The vast majority of self-published creators realize that the potential for earnings per book are much higher on other platforms when compared to KU.

There appears to be more to love about the program than there is to hate it.

Nevertheless is it wise to put all of your ova in one basket and also have titles exclusive to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited? Is there a indicate even signing up if the possibility of earning significant royalties are slim?

The Answer: Sure and No, depending on your marketing strategy.

Using KU to Sell A lot more Books

We already mentioned that Amazon has the lion's share of the digital book market, but something that you might not exactly know is that their KY customers are no ordinary readers.

The average person who signs up for a subscription service like Kindle Unlimited is best described using one term: Voracious!

Think about it.

Who else would signal up for an limitless supply of books each and every month? Someone who can't get enough of the written phrase and who have the potential to turn into a very loyal reader, if given a good reason!

Marketing experts the world over used the "free offer" position to hook new users into their products and services for many years. Some good examples are, free samples given away at wholesale clubs, free trials of software and free content given away to get new subscribers for email lists.

It's so surprise that this strategy works amazingly well for selling eBooks too, particularly if you're newer to the game and have not made a name for yourself among readers.

In case you view Kindle Endless as a springboard for launching your self-publishing career it can be a real asset. The key is not to make all your books available there, but only a few of your absolute best.

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