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School bus tracker software and app. by Trackware is a great tracking system.

Are you a part of school authority who spends a lot of time on back and forth phone calls from parents to notify them of the every single detail of their child’s whereabouts while they are on the bus?
Are you facing challenges at the beginning of every semester to train school drivers about each students’ home location throughout the city?
Would you like to know students’ pick up & drop off status in real time for all of your buses at any point of time?
Would you like to collect statistsics for each student pick up & drop off time duration?
Well, if that is so, our easy to use School Bus Tracker app by Trackware will turn your bus fleet into smart buses to help you keep track of your School Bus Fleet activities for tackling safety of school children to and from your school.
School Bus Tracker app helps you increase your performance:
• By Increases your driver’s efficiency by showing the routes on the map and saving every students’ drop off location.. no need to worry any more about drivers replacements.
• Enables parents to track the movement of their child’s bus and alert them about the expected time of the bus
• Provides live tracking of your bus fleets and notifys you of any issues like a speed breach or unnecessary stops through instant notifications.
And much more!
Run your fleet smarter and save time on calls and training…
School Bus Tracker Software and App by Trackware is a great tracking system.

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