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Pimpr Review - Does it work? (and Extra Bonuses)

Pimpr Review? Does this "Pimpr" work... Or is Pimpr a scam? Find out with this review how this product works, and most importantly how to make Sales online! Get more info visit: (*Product itself*)

Well, Pimpr comes out on March 2, 2017 at 10am EST and I can help answer the above questions in the video.

I really like the approach Pimpr takes and takes us away from the Shiny Object Syndrome. With this you can focus on one task and make money from it online, even if you have no experience & no track record. I know I was always sick and tired of trying everything and getting no results.

Pimpr is really straightforward and easy to follow with it's Copy And Paste Formulas. From the start, Pimpr does work (when you follow the system) and it's not a waste of money. Nor a Scam.

Pimpr is a solid, easy to understand 7-step product that over delivers. It also shows in detail how Trevor has been able to, then, take his online business and scale it, due to replicating this technique over and over.

I don't review everyone's products in a video format, however when I saw this one, I needed to get Trevor on the line. See, Trevor Carr, one of the creators of this product, has an amazing story. His start was that he took a less-than-perfect idea and massaged and tweaked it just the right way that by doing this Copy And Paste technique, he made $8,694.99 in just a few short days.

The best thing for myself and I am sure others, about Pimpr, is that he includes a Pimpr Case Study and the fine details needed to launch successfully. Being a huge fan of case studies as it allows us to “model” what was done and follow the EXACT steps that will show you how this technique worked for Trevor. It helped show how Pimpr can and will work for your internet marketing business. Just follow Pimpr's sales case study.

And you can do this OVER and OVER and OVER again! Just by buying a mediocre $5 product and following the plan based on Pimpr Proven formula.


*******Pimpr Breakdown******

- Get access to the exclusive Pimpr Facebook Mastermind Group
- Copy and Paste Formulas
- Learn his 7 Simple Steps for the Pimpr Sales process and Pimpr Case Study
- Instant access to the support Pimpr Members' Area
_ Learn how once your done, how to launch effectively (and #2 is my favourite one!)
- And so much more!


######## BONUSES ########
When you purchase Pimpr (launched March 2, 2017 10 am) via my Product Link (l you will get 2 of my social media training videos (value $100 each) and 2 amazing wordpress plugins (valued at $67) as bonuses, when you have purchased this product. Just follow the steps below and I will be in touch.

Step 1: Purchase PIMPR here:
Join right here:

Step 2: Your Purchase Proof:
After you purchase Pimpr via my Link above, simply email me your Paypal receipt at winston at with the title of "I got Pimpr!" and I will send you my bonuses
Learn more info. check out here:

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