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BE A LEGEND - BUY MY CAR - 1994 Acura Legend Used Car Commercial

1994 Acura Legend Price: $1,450
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Location: Miami, Florida


Some things in life are timeless. Classic. A tour de force.

Meet the 1994 Acura Legend.

Built during the halcyon age of Japanese auto manufacturing. This driving machine has a pedestrian 144,500 miles with a longitudinally mounted 3.2 liter, V-6 engine that says, “Give me more.” It has a solid golden frame that has seen more bad driving than two adolescents playing Grand Theft Auto. Yet it carries these testaments of the road with honor and a slight touch of arrogance. A true fighter doesn’t dwell in the rearview. It scoffs at the driver’s side window that refuses to roll down. It snickers at the sunroof that ceases to roll back. It knows true greatness comes from within. Admire a trunk so large it would please the Sopranos. Feel the brisk air conditioning on a hot summer jaunt. Listen to the Bose stereo surround sound like you’re at a live concert on wheels. Recently upgraded with 4 new brakes and premium tires from the world’s most populated country. This nonconformist only sees green lights. It only sees possibilities. A car that truly stands out from the rest. A car that allows you to be yourself.

Be the envy of your friends.

Be a Legend.


MUSIC: "The Father's Heart" by Tony Anderson, licensed through Musicbed

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