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Your Xbox 360 Fix Shouldn't Be Really hard! - Discover The Easy 1 Hour Xbox 360 Fix

This Xbox 360 fix post is going to reveal to you the root trigger of Xbox 360 red lights and show you what you'll need to obtain it fixed (hopefully right now).

Fist things 1st: an Xbox 360 fix is usually a touchy issue for people, mainly because there is a Lot of negative information going about available. Additional still, a lot of people never even know the actual bring about of Xbox 360 red lights.

Very Terrible Xbox 360 Repair "Information"


Don't use a towel or hair dryer to repair your Xbox. Yes, it is actually really frustrating when your technique is freezing mid game each of the time. But, don't do one thing foolish that could lead to really serious damage.

Individuals are saying you could repair Xbox 360 red lights by heating your technique using a hair dryer or by wrapping it in a towel. As you will see inside a moment, the bring about of Xbox 360 red lights is heat, so you don't wish to add far more inappropriately!

I say inappropriately, due to the fact inside the protected Xbox 360 fix system (which I will explain inside a moment) uses heat but only on focused points on your technique and only following you've cleaned it appropriately and set it up properly.

Know this: 94% of Xbox 360's that need repairs for the red ring of death Don't Have to have NEW Parts. They just require a little bit tweak to acquire them up and operating. So take comfort inside the reality that you can quite likely execute a protected and effortless Xbox 360 repair that won't need new parts.

And now...

The Cause of Xbox 360 Red Lights Revealed!

Because the motherboard heats up, it begins to flex. This flexing action causes a loosening with the GPU (graphics processing unit). After the GPU comes loose, your method freezes and you get the Xbox 360 red lights!

Now you realize why the towel and hair dryer Xbox 360 repair is poor! It only makes the issue worse!

So, for anyone who is ready to really repair your Xbox 360...

Xbox 360 Fix Setup

It is best to seek advice from a professional Xbox 360 repair guide before doing anything (because it will have videos and step by step instruction).


Also, you'll need some fundamental tools (like screw drivers), some washers (nylon washer), rubbing alcohol, and arctic silver thermal compound (this can be a extremely frequent gel that can be located at any personal computer store, it only costs $1 or so).

If you just get the tools your costs are going to be about $15, and in case you get a professional Xbox 360 repair guide (that is extremely advised) to assist you by way of the method it'll cost you a further $24, so your total price are going to be about $39 (assuming you might have no screwdriver tool kit).

When you've got all of the tools, you could fix your Xbox 360 in significantly less than an hour.

The real advantage of an at dwelling Xbox 360 fix is the fact that you do not need to send it into a Microsoft Xbox 360 repair centre. Sending it in charges $140 and requires as much as six weeks!

Also, the at residence Xbox 360 repair is safe and relatively effortless. Over 500,000 men and women have Xbox 360 red lights so professional Xbox 360 repair guides show absolutely any person how to do this.

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