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Woah Dave! Download No Survey No Password

Woah Dave! Download No Survey No Password

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About This Game

From the folks behind the BIT.TRIP series comes the frantic insanity that is WOAH DAVE! Help our hero, Dave Lonuts, survive an insane alien invasion and line his pockets with shiny pennies.

Hurl alien eggs, skull bombs, and explosive WOAH blocks to stay alive and sky rocket yourself to high score fame and fortune.

The brave players who manage to survive the alien onslaught and collect the most coins will be rewarded with top placement on the fierce online leaderboards. Do you have what it takes to be the world’s best Dave? Or will you end up playing second fiddle to another, more powerful Dave?

Woah Dave! also features a local two-player competitive mode, where two Daves can go head-to-head in a battle to collect the most coins. We aren’t exaggerating when we say it could very well result in ruined friendships and unsalvageable marriages. Competitive games are good like that.

If that isn’t enough Dave for you, there’s also Bonkers Mode with more aliens, more lava, and more chances to get killed. Those who brave the storm will be rewarded with a splendor of precious coinage; those who fail will be revoked of their License to Dave.

Good luck, and may the best Dave win. b4d347fde0

Title: Woah Dave!
Genre: Action, Indie
Choice Provisions
Release Date: 30 Oct, 2014


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With it's smart visual design cues and tight controls Woah Dave not only looks like our memory of those 80's arcade classics, but it plays as well as the best of them. This one is an easy recommendation if you are looking for a challenging game that will quickly have you chasing your next high score, and cursing under your breath as Dave falls again to exploding skulls or flying eyeballs. Extra mention for the fine music in the game, it's quite well done and certainly enhances the experience.. Woah Dave is an single screen arcade game along the lines of the original Mario Bros. It is just Dave vs aliens. The game randomly drops one of two things from the top of the screen. Either an egg or a skull 'block.' You can pick up either one just by running into them and then throwing them with the throw button. There's a catch though. Both objects have timers. When the skull block flashes, that means it'll explode soon. When the egg flashes, that means it will hatch. Both mean death for Dave if he's holding either one.

You can throw the skull blocks into the eggs to smash them revealing a coin for you to collect. You can throw eggs into aliens to defeat them and leave a coin. While you're combating these aliens, the bottom platform is melting away with lava. Once the floor is gone, the lava slowly rises! If a green hatchling alien falls into the lava, it gets wooshed up to the top of the screen and turns red. Making it a fast alien. When the red aliens hit the lava they get thrown back to the top of the screen again. Then they are blue and can jump from platform to platform. If the blue aliens hit the lava again, they turn into Dave seeking eyeballs that can float through platforms. In a way it feels like Super Crate Box, without the guns, extra levels or extra characters.

Every once in a while a POW block will drop from the sky. When you smash it against anything but lava, it destroys everything, leaving a coin behind. What are these coins for? A high score of course! Its an arcade game! No points, just coins, which seems like a wasted opportunity. If you get $1.50 in coins, you unlock the bonkers difficulty level. Once you gather a certain amount of coins, the UFO will appear for you to defeat.

The controls are simple, jump and throw. The weird thing with this game is its gravity. It just feels like there is super gravity or something odd with how fast things fall back down. It doesn't play as well as other 80s arcade games.

There are no phases, its just one long level. You're in it until you use up all 3 of your lives. The real downside to the game is once you've played it for three lives, you've seen all there is to see. Except maybe the UFO. The level changes color, but there's nothing to unlock like new classic arcade games. It feels one dimensional. Mario Bros had bonus levels and a variety of different enemies instead of an evolution of one enemy.

If you can keep killing eggs as they spawn from the sky, it makes for a slow, tedious game. If you have a lot of enemies on screen, then it can make for some frantic fun. Then cap it off with a POW block to clear them out and go back to spawn killing them. There is only one song in Woah Dave, and its a great new wave sort of 80s clappy sort of beat.

There is a local two player mode where two of you on a single screen fight for to collect the most coins before time runs out. There are online leader boards showing the top 10 globally and your friends. For such fierce competition, the scores are far apart. Not just that, but some people have the 10,000 coin achievement, but no one on the global leader board to back it up.

I grew up in the arcade days where every three lives cost you a quarter, so the $5 seems about right. I can't imagine this fitting in shoulder to shoulder with the old classics or even the new ones. It feels like a hastily made cash in that needs some depth and extras. Also, for a game that tries so hard to pattern itself after arcade cabinet games, why do they recommend a 360 or PS controller and not an arcade style joystick?. A sweet little Vlambeer-esque arcade game with fun, streamlined dynamics, slick little noises and frantic, fast gameplay. Really enjoying it as "distractionware", goes great alongside Nuclear Throne and Super Hexagon. Sweet job guys!. I will start by saying that this game is not one of these awful craps we can find on steam, however I can't consider this game as a good game, I can even say this this game is one of the worst arcade game I have ever played. Now here is the review :

The visuals are some sort of "arcade style" graphics, very colorful and minimalist, why not. But here they are just empty, almost no textures for the background, just a color gradient for the platforms, and our caracters... oh my god, even the enemies look better than you. The menu look like an arcade menu, its cool but I'm not a huge fan.

Songs in general are nice. The sound design is minimalist but once again I'm not fan.

Here it become interesting. Basically the gameplay look like this game named Super Crate Box or the first Super Mario. Basically you have a 2D arena and you have to kill the enemies before they arrived at the bottom of the map. Eggs spawn and you have to break them with skulls. When an enemies come out of his egg he move and try to go at the bottom of the map and you to kill it with a skull or another egg. When he fall in the lava at the bottom he return at the top stronger than before.
The big probleme is that you can't throw thing correctly because this game is so minimalist that you can throw this with just one intensity, you will get better with training but it make the firsts games just frustrating.
Last thing to say about gameplay, the music begin to be good at certain score, so you can't even have the pleasure to enjoy the music when you are a noob.
And why the freaking hell to enemies become human when you die ??? It look like a freaking bug or something.

Even if you like the visuals, the sound design and the gameplay, this game is empty. Really, really empty. Just look at my playtime you will understand.
The goal of this game is to collect coins. What is the point ? Nothing but make an highscore. Wow great now you can show of with your friends, they will be so pround. No seriously there is absolutly no replayability, I don't even think there is something to unlock in this game. You can just play it again, and again, and again, and after 10 minutes you just realise that this game is repetitive and boring and you just uninstall it.

"Ho no wait there is much more that this ! There is 3 maps !!!"
Maps are basically just the same, the gameplay and the enemies don't change
"But there is a lot of caracters !!!"
Don't be tricked, they are all the same, it changes nothing
"But there is a classic mode !!!"
The classic mode is the first level with the first caracter, what a unfunny joke

The worst with Woah Dave! is not that it has a bad gameplay, bad design ect... (It is just a question of opinion). The worst is that this game brings nothing at all. You can collect money but you can do nothing with it, no unlocks, no upgrades. The gameplay is not diversified, it's always the same.
Woah Dave! is not horrible, but it one of the least interristing game I ever played in my entier life

Final rating: 4/20
Final word: With such a limited amount of game mechanics and lack of more interesting maps, the game feels like some cheap attempt to wring out that $5 that you spent on this game. The entire gameplay consists you merely grabbing an object and throwing it to another object.

This content is not worth $5 at all. Some might argue that this game brings back the "arcade" feel where the games were unfairly difficult and you had to spend so much money to become good at it, but it isn't that era anymore. I have games that cost less than this with more fleshed out content.. A perfect arcade blast to amuse for a few minutes.

Deceptively deep, with fantastic graphics and sound.


It's one of the most addictive and palm sweating game's I've ever played!

I wouldn't have expected it from the trailer but this is currently my favorite game.
The controls are tight, the music and SFX fit perfectly and the difficulty is set just right.
Everything just feels tight and elegant.
Well worth the asking price!

I double dipped and got it on my Vita too, which is why my play time is so low.. I like this game but it freezes far too often and you are forced to close the game in order to fix it.

EDIT: The game is fixed now so everyone is free to enjoy it. An addictive arcade style platformer sort of like the original Mario Bros or Flicky. This game gets crazy quickly but the controls are so tight that you know it's your own fault when you die. Good developers who took care of a problem instead of trying to cover it up.. Woah Dave! is a deciptively simple arcade game at first, but things can quickly get out of hand. Not immediately killing the enemies on screen makes them worth a lot more points, but also makes them much more dangerous. This simple risk\/reward mechanic plays out nicely, and always keeps you on your feet (thumbs) as you struggle for the high score. The game is very much "what you see is what you get", so don't expect unlocks\/a plot\/different worlds. That is not to say that it fails. Woah Dave! has been boiled down to provide players an intense, sweaty-palms, "one more round", type of arcade experience that few games deliver today.

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