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Will Nofollowed Internal Links Impact Your SEO?

One of my SEO tools gave me the following error alert:

“Internal link with ‘nofollow’ attribute

Using the nofollow link attribute communicates that you don’t know if you trust a link, so using it on internal links will make Google suspicious.

The following internal links use the nofollow attribute:”

From the links they are showing it looks like my “Reply To” button for comments has a “nofollow” tag. Will this affect my SEO for Google?

No. This will not impact your SEO for Google, Bing, or any other search engine

This is the problem with using only tools to do SEO. They have a tendency to surface a lot of false positives.

This is necessary because tools can’t understand the nuances that humans can, but it can be challenging when the explanation given isn’t exactly accurate either.

You can absolutely use nofollow on an internal link.

In fact, if you don’t want pages like login screens or comments on your blog to be shown in search, nofollow is one good way to achieve this*.

In your specific case, it sounds like your comment plugin is suppressing comment reply links. There’s no good reason to allow people to link to those pages directly, nor would you want them to show up in search, so nofollow is a completely acceptable way to handle them.

My advice with all tools is to look up the definitions of terms yourself (on Google or Bing) and think about the purpose of those commands in a larger context.

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