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Where to acquire Pension Transfer Assistance

A short scan in the financial pages on the national press may offer you some notion in the variety of employers today why are eager to switch their workers from final salary pension schemes into other, personal pension, plans. Numerous employers are so keen to encourage such a switch that they are supplying a lump sum money inducement for those who elect to transfer their pension rights in this way. In spite of such an apparently attractive inducement, on the other hand, where can the employee get pension transfer tips that he or she can really feel safe in understanding the transfer is in their own greatest interest?

The purpose for many employers wanting to shift personnel away from final salary schemes is that such schemes are likely to be fairly costly. For the employee, nevertheless, the attraction may perhaps effectively be the certainty supplied by a final salary scheme, considering the fact that it will likely be recognized all along just how the pension is calculated and what it's likely to amount to. A individual pension plan, even so, will depend on the overall performance with the pension fund's investments as well as the equally unknown variations in annuity rates. So, the personal pension strategy could do superior, or it could do worse than, the occupational final salary scheme. How can the employee commence to examine the two, for that reason, to understand no matter if to accept the employer's incentive to quit the safety and certainty of a final salary scheme?

The answer is the fact that it is actually an particularly complicated choice to produce and not 1 which need to be made devoid of dependable pension transfer guidance. The difficult nature of pension transfers is no idle judgment, but a single that comes from the economic services industry regulator, the Financial Solutions Authority (FSA). Speaking concerning the responsibility of pension fund trustees towards any of its members that are thinking about a pension transfer, the Authority states: "Although it is not compulsory, the trustees must encourage members to take tips as pension transfers are complex and it really is difficult to make suitable decisions with out assistance, even when each of the relevant info is provided".

So, the FSA itself would encourage any individual considering of transferring from one particular pension scheme to another - and that includes a transfer out of a final salary scheme - need to first seek advice from an independent financial adviser. It is the independent monetary adviser, for example, who can start to produce sense in the next most important piece of info you might need to have to be able to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of any transfer. That may be a transfer value analysis and an estimate of the benefits that your present scheme would spend. Relatively clearly, this is something that will be necessary prior to any comparison between the existing and new scheme could be attempted. In addition, the transfer worth evaluation is a thing that only the trustees of the present scheme could deliver.


For whatever cause that you are thinking about taking pension transfer assistance, the best-placed supply is definitely an independent financial adviser because:

o Independent financial advice is recommended by the Monetary Solutions Authority;

o You will have to have someone who might help you understand and interpret the transfer value analysis offered by the trustees of one's present pension scheme;

o You will benefit from specialist guidance in weighing up the benefits and drawbacks of your present scheme in comparison with any option.

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