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Refrigerator trucks are highway or road vehicles that are used to transfer or transport goods considered perishable when subjected to raised temperatures. Trucks of this type use many different strategies and techniques to keep up a cool temperature in the cargo area of the truck, including the usage of ice blocks. A refrigerator truck is capable of transporting perishable items over long distances without any deterioration of the goods on the cargo taking place prior to attaining the appointed destination.

At once, an ice box truck would take advantage of ice to help keep the storage space cool or at high temperatures. Often, the solid blocks of ice could be lined across the inner walls of the room, leaving the main section open for the storage of cold goods. Over time, the refrigeration truck started initially to take advantage of onboard cooling systems that operate in a manner similar to that particular combined with home refrigerators. Additionally, there are a few of the refrigerator truck designs that take advantage of co2 to lessen and maintain the desired temperature in the trailer space.

Truck refrigerator tend to be used to move and transfer fresh and perishable foods from manufacturer facilities to the retail outlets which will subsequently sell the foods to the general public. Often, the meals items are processed foods that must be kept frozen to be able to maintain its freshness and its quality. Foods such as for example raw meats, frozen entrees, and frozen dairy products like ice cream, sherbet, or frozen yogurt are conveyed to supermarkets using a refrigerator truck.

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For brief distances, the truck refrigerator might be a single unit that is constructed very much like an individual van. Trucks of this type are designed for transporting smaller levels of frozen goods from location to another, such as for example from a warehouse to a nearby supermarket. One of these brilliant smaller refrigeration trucks is ideal when the total delivery is a rather small one and there is no need to employ the more expensive semi-trailers that are used for transporting larger quantities of goods over longer distances.

Along with food, a truck with refrigeration system can also be used to move other goods that must be kept at a continuing or high temperature. Certain kinds of drugs require temperatures that can't be managed in standard transport vehicles. Organs for transplant may also be shipped to a place of destination using refrigerated trucking. Sometimes, valuable archaeological artifacts may be transported in trucks of this type, which makes it possible to control both temperature and humidity. This degree of control afford them the ability to stop the recovered artifacts from further deterioration while on their way to an investigation facility or perhaps a museum.

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