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What If Workers’ Compensation Fraud is Suspected in My Oklahoma Business?

What do you know about workers compensation fraud oklahoma? Many employers usually ask a lot of questions about this subject because it is an important matter that everyone should be aware of. In this article, we will try to answer a common one, which is what if workers’ compensation fraud is suspected in my Oklahoma business?

First, it is important to mention that workers’ compensation is a type of insurance program that is intended to provide compensation for medical, rehabilitation and disability benefits for any employee that is injured at the workplace. In case of an accidental death, it will include benefits to the dependents. Both employers and employees are protected under workers’ compensation.

Learn more here on: workers compensation fraud oklahoma There are some exceptions as to who is covered under the plan, including the independent contractors; individuals covered for work-related injuries under federal law; those who provide services which the Oklahoma Department of Human Services administers; some agricultural workers; licensed real estate brokers who are paid on commission basis; anyone who works for youth sports leagues which are tax exempted; sole proprietors; anyone employed by a company with five or fewer employees who are related to the employer by marriage or blood; members of partnerships; some members of limited liability companies and stockholders of corporations; truck or tractor owners; some individuals who are a party to franchise agreements, and anyone who offer voluntary service without collect wages other than meals, transportation, and so on.

What if workers compensation fraud oklahoma is suspected in my business?

If you suspect any workers’ compensation fraud the matter must be referred immediately to the Attorney General Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit. This should be done for investigation, criminal action or civil action purposes. The matter can also be referred to the District Attorney, Workers’ Compensation Court of Existing Claims Administrator, the Insurance Commissioner or your workers’ compensation insurance provider.

Fraud can exist on the employee’s side. It can occur when a claimant falsifies his or her accident report or medical condition to a healthcare provider, continues to collect disability payments although they are actually working, or otherwise deliberately tries to defraud the worker’s compensation system.

Of course, employers are not exempted from this insurance fraud and it can come in many forms. If you are an employer, you will be committing a fraud if you intentionally refuse to buy insurance for workers; denies the valid claims with the hope that the employees won’t pursue the matter; refuses to cover what is needed for prescription drugs and medical attention; refers the injured worker to unscrupulous medical professionals who will deny care, provide substandard impairment ratings, and recommend premature resumption of work; classifies workers as independent contractors to avoid paying premiums, among other things.

Whether workers compensation fraud oklahoma is created by the employee or insurance company, legitimate efforts must be made to eliminate it.

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