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What I Learned From the Medifast Diet Review

I'd been thinking of trying a diet for awhile, but We just wasn't sure where to start. There were so many diet programs out there, and am had read some really horrible things about some. You can really learn a great deal, by simply reading up on things. And exactly what I figured out was that many diets were dangerous. But We was encouraged by what I read in a Medifast diet review. The particular science behind the diet plan made sense, and it sounded like a plan I could be happy on.

I was turned off by diets because some weight loss plans actually used an ingredient called ephedrine to help people lose weight. But ephedrine will increase the heart, which will boost the burning of calorie consumption, it also puts the coronary heart at risk. I wanted to lose weight, but there was no chance I would be jeopardizing my health to do it!

We searched for probably two a few months The 2 Week Diet- Review before I discovered what We was looking for. I actually found the things i read about Medifast fascinating. The dietary plan was different from all others, because it didn't use questionable ingredients to help people lose weight. As an alternative, it relied on a natural process of the body to facilitate weight loss.

Medifast had been developed by doctors about 20 or so years ago, together been backed by the support of physicians ever since -- in fact, over 15, 000 physicians have suggested this plan of action to their patients over the years. I read success story after success story about people who had had weight issues for years, and finally found their solution with Medifast.

The procedure the plan used to help people lose weight was called ketosis, which is what happens when carbohydrates and sugars are reduced in your diet. Carbohydrates are the system's preferred source of fuel, as it is easiest to convert into energy. When you reduce your carbs, your body still needs fuel, so will start burning existing fat stores instead. And that's how people were slimming down on this plan.

But I was still skeptical; I figured We would have to count calories or something in order to keep the weight off. I soon learned this did not include the situation; I would be able to eat just about anything I wanted, because all of their meals were already portioned out for me personally, nutritionally-balanced and had the right amounts of carbs and sugars already within them!

I actually was amazed as I actually looked over the meal strategies; there were a myriad of treats, like shakes, snacks, soups - even cappuccino! Just about all my fears about uninteresting eating dissolved; this plan looked absolutely fantastic! Nevertheless would it be right for me?

As I read further, I noticed that Medifast had a huge network that would support me all the way. I could even request a free diet coach if I wanted to! They said I could lose a possible 2. 5 pounds per few days. Excitedly, I did the math and realized that this would fit correctly with my weight loss goals!

I'm happy to say that, six months time later, the Medifast plan is the best diet I have ever been on. I am reducing your weight progressively, I feel great, and I'm never bored with my meals. I've made many new friends in the online community, and now know that I am not alone inside my struggle to lose weight. I'm excited about life again!

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