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What Grass Weed Killer Are Available?

Grass weed killer is one of the essential things that both plant growers and gardeners need to arm themselves with against the annoying weeds that could pose danger to their plants. Killing weeds is now made easy with the many types of weed control that you can choose from.


Just like any other things, having a wide array of choices for different types of grass weed killer can be a bit confusing. This article tries to help you figure out, which of the many weed control in the market truly addresses your needs in killing weeds.


For you to be able to choose the appropriate weed control products, it is important to identify the weed you wish to eliminate. You also need to understand its growth cycle, so that you can apply the control product at the right time.


The following are a few of the many types of weed control for your lawns and garden with their specific actions for killing weeds effectively:


Herbicides are chemicals that prevent and actually kill weeds that already exist. It has a varied mode of action in killing weeds. These chemicals inhibit weed seed germination, prevent cell growth and destroy cell membranes by interrupting photosynthesis.


420 mail orderHerbicide products can be selective or non-selective, but generally these are selective because they control specific weed species, without damaging nearby grasses and ornamentals.


Non-selective herbicides, on the other hand, can kill all vegetation. Hence, you need to be careful and precise in applying these grass weed killer to avoid harming the desirable nearby grasses and plants.


Pre-emergence herbicides are classified by the time of its application based on the life cycle of weeds. These are most effective if applied a few weeks before the germination and emergence of weed seeds. They prevent seeds from germinating by creating a weed control zone on the surface of the soil. Pre-emergence herbicides are good grass weed killer for pre-emergents, but they can not control established weeds.


Post emergence herbicides are another type of grass weed killer that you can choose for killing established and actively growing weeds. Since most of post emergence herbicides work on contact, it is recommended that applications be done on dry eight-hour periods, to ensure that rain does not wash them away. While other weed control products work through soil application, the majority of post emergent herbicides are absorbed through the surface of leaves and transferred throughout the plant.

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