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Guides on the best way to invest in employed watches are much more common than guides on how you can sell utilised watches.

This short article will point you in the proper path by giving you a few solutions.


Firstly we are going to appear at what you must do to ensure you will be going to offer a great deal to make sure maximum monetary return for yourself, then we will look at your selections for selling your employed watch.

1) Firstly you will need to ensure that your watch is in the most effective achievable situation you can restore it to at minimum cost while retaining the integrity on the watch.

The easiest and least expensive way is always to give your watch a great outside clean.

Just wipe more than the watch using a watch polishing cloth after which inspect for any scratches and so on.

In the event you have major scratch harm then take into consideration if its worth getting the watch professionally polished at your nearby watch dealer.

If it's light damage then it shouldn't be also a great deal of a problem promoting it as is, but if it truly is heavy harm then you definitely ought to consider the cost of polishing versus what you may shed in resale worth and make a choice about getting it polished.

two) You'll want to make an effort to assure that you just have any boxes and papers which might be element in the original packaging.

The far more you've with regards to the original packaging and also the better situation it is in, the greater price it is possible to command for you personally watch, particularly with private buyers, dealers do not take this issue also heavily into consideration, however it does aid.

Warranties usually are not normally as well a great deal of a concern as they are of no use to the new owner in practically all circumstances due to the registration policies of most watch retailers with the brands when the watch is bought new.

You basically have 4 alternatives once you determine to sell your applied watch.

a) Private sale.

A private sale is amongst you and one more individual face to face.

This could be to a buddy or relative, or it can be a person who has enquired concerning the watch you may have advertised for sale.

You could advertise made use of watches in classified advertisements both on the web and offline or perhaps by way of your web site or Facebook.

Caution need to be made use of in employing this technique. Prevalent sense dictates that there are several dishonest men and women on the planet and an individual who arranges to meet you to by the watch immediately after answering among your ads might not include the intent to offer you income when they leave using the watch. That's placing it very mildly.


Private sales are most effective performed amongst buddies and relatives, but your circle of prospective buyers would be the most limited solution on the list.

b) Auction sale.

You will discover certainly several renowned auction web sites which will enable you to sell your watch within a secure manner and that is by far the top and safest method with which to sell your applied watch to a stranger.

The scope of prospective buyers is massive, but make sure you follow all guidelines and be truthful concerning the watch whenever you enter you listing. Value it fairly and fulfill what you supply.

c) Sell to a dealer.

Promoting to a watch dealer is usually a protected and straightforward approach to sell a used watch but will also bring the lowest return.

Watch dealers will invest in the watch at a far reduce price than a private individual because the dealer has to perform checks on the watch and any repairs, they also must try and sell it at industry price tag have the ability to discount to close the deal, pay commission to the sales individuals and not surprisingly make a profit.

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