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Lotto game has two distinguished features. The particular first is a hidden online structure of numbers agreement by their frequency in time and the second is an interesting behavior of these numbers along with the evolution of the system. External of any lotto system, you will find a parte machine which is triggered on regular basis, in order to take place a live drawing. Without having the activity of this gadget, the lotto system has not any importance for us all. But due to the fact of the live drawing, the choice of six numbered balls as winning numbers and the act of returning again the drawn balls for future utilization, we need to turn our attention toward the changes that take place in the system.

This is not fair for a person to condemn this subject as uninteresting and of no consequence, simply, because it does not force his attention. He might not exactly have enough experience of it to develop an interest. It happens especially with complicated things and once somebody has preconceived ideas regarding fetta game. If you are ignoring these changes as if they do not exist, you can not win any parte prizes, perhaps sometimes a consoling three numbers.

Almost everything in this world of ours is a something touched, seen, heard, tasted or in some other way, experienced. That is why we need to find a procedure to see the virtual framework of numbers arrangement because just imagining of what goes within the lotto system would be of little value. We should to follow the lotto guidelines of functionality. The most effective technique I found is writing down on paper the last 30-40 previous draws of one particular lotto system and arranging the amounts in columns by their frequency

It is apparent that we have no result of our play without knowing what happens within lotto system. A little thought also shows that there must be some connections between the changes and the outcome. As a matter of fact, whenever lotto system has been stimulated, an impulse runs across the entire process deciding some triggered numbers. Every activated amount is moving rapidly from a column to another as though it tells us that it is coming toward lotto machine.

You should know well such internal activities of your system if you need to profit something from it. And yet, you have to be in touch directly and permanently with one of these changes, transforming always the inner abstract situation into one concrete and noticeable to your eyes. Become ready to work for your lotto system and will also be amazed of your progress.

Victorya Gold, lotto expert, has an unique and invaluable knowledge in the lotto field. Over three decades, she works with people that really want to discover the winning lotto numbers before they will be drawn

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