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Unknown Battle Full Crack [torrent Full]

Unknown Battle Full Crack [torrent Full]

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About This Game

" I hope that you know me, but this is not important. I've been wanting to do away with you..."
This phrase - the beginning of a huge story!
You don't know, where you are and you don't know this man, but your first purpose - to find it.

This game is a indie first-person shooter, with an intricate story that happened to one person, this person is the main character and you will find yourself in his shoes. You must have a good reaction to dodge lasers, many traps and kill your enemies, and do not forget about your main objective: to get to the menacing stranger to you. Though it may seem easy to some, but in reality it is not. The main character, and not only he, but also you want to as quickly as possible to wait the moment when you will be in front of one you wanted to see. 1075eedd30

Title: Unknown Battle
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Nikolai Patrakov
Release Date: 14 Mar, 2016


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this game is ebola. One of the hardest games I've ever played, it makes 'I want to be the guy' look easy. Play it on hard for a truly masochistic experience! When Steam is but a footnote in history, this game will live on and love on through our tears.. I played this game for one minute.

I went to sleep afterwards.

I woke up in a long forgotten city. The sky was black, infinitely black. No star nor God could pierce through it's shroud.

A gentle wind guided me through the stone streets. Somehow, I knew that epochs have passed without a single soul passing through this place.

I arrived at what passed for a town quarter. A hooded man, wrapped in bandages, sat weeping on the edge of a long dry fountain. Well, I say he was a man. In truth, he was more like what a statue would be if it could speak.

I pressed a magnificent, infinitely faceted diamond into his hands. He gestured for me to lean in, to listen to what he had to say. In a language that I have never heard before, but understood perfectly, he whispered to me.

I know, now. I am Aware.

I have seen beyond the simulacra of this reality. This game is a portal to a place where your name will lose it's meaning.

It's poorly optimized though.

9/10.. This game isn't worth 2 euros. Hell, it's not even a game.
It's one of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had.

The jump feature is clunky when it decides to work. Frequently getting stuck behind pipes because the character model size is unknown doesn't help when there's lasers right next to you. Whenever you get hit by one laser (or ten traps, because the game sometimes throws too many in a certain area, especially on 'average' mode) you go straight back to an unfair checkpoint. The HP and stamina bars are in a weird position and the graphics are incredibly bad. The game sometimes even throws away the graphics completely, or chooses to have a completely black surrounding.

I didn't get to the shooting part during the hour I played it, making me believe there is no shooting at all, unless the part with the robotic spiders requires a gun, in which case, the game does a terrible job at telling me there is a gun in the storage room. Nothing is decent about this game, and it isn't worth any money.. Good game! 10/10. Really♥♥♥♥♥♥game..\/watch?v=JdVsGjz9eIk&feature=gp-n-y&google_comment_id=z12ucx1jzvywhrx3l221udsjezekulmyg04\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=JdVsGjz9eIk&feature=gp-n-y&google_comment_id=z12ucx1jzvywhrx3l221udsjezekulmyg04<\/a>

This is literally the worst game I have ever played. The worst. There are no worse games.

I can excuse the poor translations, the questionable framerates, the graphics...but this game simply is impossible to beat. It cannot be done.

I spend AN HOUR WITH THIS GAME. So you can thank me later. I spent an hour with this game and I could not progress past that point. Though really, you can reach that point in about...maybe fifteen minutes, probably less. Ten? Just depends on how good you are at avoiding instakill laser "traps" and bear traps. Lots of bear traps. And lasers. And bear traps.

Which is kind of hard to do considering your character sort of wobbles around like a Teletubby on a Skittles binge. You sway side to side and step on things you didn't think you would step on.

I got to a section where you have to jump from platform to platform to advance, but the mouse button that makes you jump only seems to activate at random, meaning that you will simply walk forwards without jumping into the black abyss only to respawn at the beginning platform (without even the coutesy of having your joke of a stamina meter recharge).

It was an exercise in futility. This game doesn't work. Steam refunds, you are my Jesus.

To hell with this game. I saw guns in the video, but I never made it that far. I at least wanted to get to the part with guns. I wanted to at least get three bucks worth of lulz out of this game.

But no. No such lulz were had.

To hell with Unknown Battle.. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. The jump-mechanics suck. The voice acting sucks. The graphics suck. The textures suck. The resolution sucks. The hud sucks. The only positive thing I can say about this game is that Alt+F4 worked flawlessly.. best russian ear♥♥♥♥♥♥satisfied/10. If you do not like this game its because this is a thinking man's game and you are of a weak minded proletariat

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