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Time Up Crack And Patch

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About This Game

It's a fast paced platform game, each level is only 9 seconds, planning the route, seizing the opportunity, running and jumping fast, through dangerous traps, reaching the finish gate!

The game combines a variety of classic platform game elements, the level after carefully design, hoping to give players a stimulating cheerful gaming experience!

game Features
  • Minimalistic art style.
  • Two unique game modes.
  • More than 100 levels.
  • Nice electronic music.




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YouTube: b4d347fde0

Title: Time Up
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Grid Game
Grid Game
Release Date: 10 Oct, 2017

English,Simplified Chinese,French,Italian,German,Ukrainian,Russian,Bulgarian,Turkish,Greek,Czech,Japanese,Polish,Finnish,Dutch,Korean

It's a slick game with a lot of attention to details. The level is very challenging and creative.

great for the people who love "i wanna be a guy".. Really good game if you want a pretty solid platformer for only a dollar. I don't really care about the music, I don't play this game with volume up anyways. Even though the game only gives you 9 seconds, in the first few tries you might be able to learn and memorize the pattern and ways of the level. I disagree with allowing a preview of the level before starting, that would just ruin the whole idea of the game, which is a fast paced platformer game.. its might be a good game, but it not friendly to me, especially for the terrible handling.
If you are addicted to crazy hard game, congratuation, you get it.
As for me , GUN.. Its a pretty good game that could use more levels\/features, but its very fun and challenging, which I like! Recommended 9\/10. It's a pretty funny game and challenging. The game has some difficulty but I would like to play it in my spare time. I will finish all levels.. It's a pretty fun game, no glitches, no lags. Develop more levels!. It's a slick game with a lot of attention to details. The level is very challenging and creative.

great for the people who love "i wanna be a guy".. Im sorry but this game is not really good, maybe for 2$ to kill time, but here are some reasons I just dont recommend it:
-It feels too much like a Super Meat Boy clone. The double jump spins just like a certain character in the game, the levels are filled with saws to increase difficulty, and the player is square.
-Speaking of the player, who even is he? The game doesn't really define who he is, for all I know, he is some Tiny Minecraft Wizard ripped out of an iPhone app.
-This game has more achievements than Zup! 1. I hope thats not the selling point.
-Said achievements get in the way of my view. I couldn't see myself or the exit sometimes because it would be completely blocked by 2 or more achievements.
-The Game Expects you to know every level by heart at first glance. Why does the level have to start the second it loads? This is especially a problem because the whole game revolves around going fast, I at least want a "Press jump to continue" preview before just jumping into it.
-The game is too short. Only 90 levels, and the very last one is filler.
-3\/4 of the soundtrack are bland and barely differ from eachother, and the 1\/4th of it is used during sections where it doesn't fit at all.
-Said music poorly syncs up with the timer.
-Both "Challenge" and "Options" seem locked but theyre not. Seriously, why would you ever have an unlocked option blend into the background? This is especially a problem for newcomers that havent seen how the game ACTUALLY locks things.
-"Challenge" mode is one big "I Wanna" needle game. Fangames for "I Wanna Be The Guy" are meh in themself but the fact that you have to rip them off for another selling point just seemed weak to me.
-There isnt even a level editor. The game seems simple enough for one, and it hurts replayability to not have one. Plus, you went crazy in the challenge levels; is it my turn yet?
-You had to advertise the game on my profile. I know you want to raise attention for it, but that doesn't seem like the way to do it.
Overall, I did not really like this game, and definitely would not recommend it to anyone who wants to play something great. It just... flopped hard.

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