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Things To Consider Before Acquiring Private Student Loans

Private Student Loans are offered to students who are going for undergraduate and postgraduate studies from reputed institutions. They are designed to fill the gap by funding when the savings, federal student aid and scholarships do not suffice the situation. 

  • You will probably need a Co-Borrower:

If you are looking to take a private student loan, then you will need a Co-Borrower. The responsibility of the Co-Borrower is to share his or her legal responsibility for the loan. Co-Borrowers improve the chances of getting approved for a student loan. It is essential to have a potential Co-Borrower who signs for the loan.

  • The rate of interest on private student loans may vary widely:

Federal student loans always have a fixed rate, but private loans can either be variable or fixed. It can increase over a lifetime. If you possess an excellent credit score and a Co-Borrower, then your interest rates can be competitive otherwise it can vary widely. It ranges from 2% to 16%.

  • Private student loans typically have fewer borrower protections:

Federal student loans offer a lot of options for repayment which benefits the borrowers but on private loans it does not. Only some student loans offer deferment options which temporarily postpone your payments, but you won't be forgiven of your loans.

  • You may have difficulty discharging your private student loans if you become disabled:

It is an option that you should look into before opting for a student loan, that if in future you become disabled and you also have private student loans then you might face difficulties in getting them discharged.

If you are looking forward to opting for Private Student Loans to fund your education, then take into considerations the above options as they have fewer borrower protections and aren't as flexible as federal student loans. You must avail this loan only when you  have exhausted all other options. 

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