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The Rincoe Mechman Mod Starter Kit Review

The Rincoe Mechman Mod Starter Kit Review

Let me come right out and say it – Rincoe got the naming wrong for their all-new Mechman Mod Kit. For starters, this isn’t a mechanical (mech) smok morph 2019 – it’s a fully regulated and protected 228-watt vape mod kit, with all the modes and features we’ve come to expect in 2019. But that aside, the company should have given this a name worthy of its design – the ‘MuricaMan’.

No, I’m not looking to start a tired Trump argument. But just look at the three design stickers/cards to choose from with the Mechman vape kit:

Howling wolf
Distressed American flag
Military camouflage
Element Vape
Vapor Origin
Mechman or Murican
These designs couldn’t look any more ‘Murican’ if they were airbrushed on the side of a conversion van. (Yes, there’s also a matte black and British Union Jack option, but don’t stop me now, I’m on a roll…) Let’s just get to the details and revisit the looks in a few paragraphs.

A rapidly emerging name within the vaporizer industry, Rincoe has recently concentrated on delivering world-class starter kits. Among these, the Rincoe Mechman 228W Starter Kit already garnered mass acclaim for the included Mechman Box Mod’s ridiculous good looks, its comprehensive modularity options, and the Mechman Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank’s ability to generate high-quality vapes time and again.
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