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The reason why It Is Healthy To Use An Organic Natural Latex Mattress

Hevea Brasiliensis" actually. This is the kind of rubber tree where the raw form and the primary ingredient of acrylic is extracted from. This raw form is the saps that come using this rubber tree. The saps are then carefully collected and processed to be produced into natural latex.

Dunlop Method and Talalay Method

The two ways into which naturally made latex Mattress Steam Cleaning Canberra are produced are the Dunlop and the Talalay method. Both of these methods uses the principle of creating holes or what is known because the core of the mattress, which is in charge of giving the mattresses their softness and tone. The only difference between the two methods would be that the Dunlop method is the more traditional method in making the latex bedding. The Talalay method is more modernized and provides different variations into which manufacturers could effectively control the formation of the cores in the mattresses.

The standard property of latex bedding are as follows: 6x6 inches thickness of the core and a 4lbs / cubic foot of density. You can also get many features of natural latex mattresses. Regarding health conscious people this is good news for you. Studies have shown that natural latex mattresses are gentle on those certain pressure points in the human body. For those who have sensitive, I tell you you will love the anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic property of natural latex mattresses. And for those people who have very sensitive nose, or may be suffering from allergic rhinitis and the like, you need not worry because the natural odor of latex mattresses are eliminated during the manufacturing process.

Simply Becoming Organic

But aside from all those benefits mentioned, the best thing about natural latex mattresses can it be is "NATURAL". Other synthetic beds as time passes may emit certain chemical odours that may prove harmful for our health and wellness. An average person sleeps about eight hours every night. When that is the case, if you opt to choose synthetic latex, you would inhale the fumes from the chemicals it produces for 8 hours each night that you should sleeping on that mattress.

Consider what different health problems you might harbor. Altered sexual development, immuno-suppression, reduction in IQ and brain development, and even cancer are some of the prospective health conditions it could bring. Natural latex mattresses also does Mother Nature a huge favour just by being natural itself.

Certain Drawbacks to Consider

The only downside about naturally made latex mattresses is that it is harder to find in the market compared to man made ones. But thanks to modern day shopping and availability in the internet, finding one would be a lot easier. Also natural latex mattresses are a little more expensive than synthetic. But the extra cost wouldn't be that much of a difference when you could have better quality of health in exchange.

So if ever you have already decided to acquire your very own natural latex mattress, you could also improve your being environmental-friendly and health conscious perspective by using additional natural materials to pair upwards and match your obviously made latex mattress. Cushions made of organic and natural 100 % cotton are the ideas of the top of list. Toppers and blankets made of organic and natural and natural materials are also a very good choice.

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