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The Lost Platoon Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download

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Original Title: The Lost Platoon

Genge: Action,Horror,War















































An American reporter covering a civil war in Nicaragua discovers that four soldiers that he used to know during World War II are there and they are actual vampires fighting their own personal war against an evil Nicaraguan general and his own personal army of vampires terrorizing the country.
An American reporter, who is a veteran of WW 2, covering the civil war in Nicaragua comes across four soldiers who he discovers are also WW2 vets. However, he notices that they don't appear to be anywhere near as old as he is. He discovers that they are actually vampires, and the government general who commands their division is also a vampire.
"Lost Platoon" is not a great movie. "Lost Platoon" is not even an average movie. What it is, is an intriguing idea in a bad movie. Survivors of wars from the last hundred years are tracked down in Niaragua by an intrepid war correspondent, who pieces together a photographic puzzle. Surviving as vampires, these soldiers never lose a battle, and never die. This fascinating premise is unfortunately wasted in "Lost Platoon". The low budget gets in the way of every scene, and other than the initial intriguing idea, everything else is redundant, amateurish, or downright silly. Bad acting only makes things worse, and it's really a shame, because this had tremendous, but unfortunately unrealized, potential. My girlfriend did sit through it though, and that's a miracle in itself. - MERK
I have seen this film but it was many years ago, when myself and a friend used to rent videos from the local store and there were certain ones we would rent again and again.

This film (Along with "Trick or Treat" & "Killer Clowns from Outer Space") was one of the few that we could watch umpteen times without getting sick of it.

It may have been the "implied" vampirism, as we were big horror fans, or just that at the time we were into war films ("Platoon", "Jacob's Ladder", "Full Metal Jacket", that sort of thing)

I have been wondering if I could get a copy of it from somewhere. I loved it, and would love to know if it has ever been released on DVD.

Would anyone with information about it being released on DVD please contact me. Thanks.


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