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The Language Game Download For Pc [Password]

The Language Game Download For Pc [Password]

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About This Game

The Language Game is a 2 player quiz-style game that will improve your vocabulary and pronunciation as you play. The tile-based game is challenging in its own right, but you can only capture tiles if you get the language puzzles right!

Key Features

  • Five interchangeable languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish)
  • Over 900 phrases (2000+ words) across 59 categories, all recorded by native speakers
  • Blockbusters-style local 2 player game
  • Varied language-based mini games
  • Study mode that lets you learn specific categories
  • Progress tracker that reinforces tricky phrases
  • Multiple profiles that track progress across all languages

Finding the motivation to learn a new language can be difficult. The Language Game aims to provide that motivation through the medium of competition - everyone likes winning games, and the best way to win this one is to learn the lingo!


Players take it in turns to choose a tile on the board. This gives them a language-based question which if they solve wins them the tile. The objective is to link your sides of the board together, like in Blockbusters.

The twist is that you can 'sandwich' your opponent's tiles to flip them over to your side, so the shortest path to victory may not always be the best!

Learn smart, not hard

New phrases are introduced gradually so as not to overwhelm. They are spoken by native linguists in both your own language and the one you're learning to let your mind digest the new information. You can also replay any of the phrases during the learning phase, so you will never feel rushed.

The game notices phrases you have trouble with and will re-introduce them to reinforce your knowledge. If you find a really tricky category you can replay it on your own in the 'Study Mode' that randomly generates questions from the troublesome subject.

Please note that the game currently only supports local multiplayer, there is no online play. b4d347fde0

Title: The Language Game
Genre: Indie
Tap To Win
Tap To Win
Release Date: 9 Jul, 2015


I think the way this game works is that it assumes you know not a single word of the language you want to lear and then you have to complete all sections of level one before you move on. This is a bit extreme, so I can only recommend this to a complete beginner and when it is really cheap. So far, to me it has been a waste of money.. As someone who's tried many different language programs, ranging from paid (Rosetta Stone, Babble), to free (Duolingo, Memrise), I feel comfortable saying that this app would be of some help to beginners, but would not be useful as their sole tool to learn. This app would however make an excellent supplement to a language learning routine, and the competitive features are great for anyone who's learning with a friend. This app makes practice easy and painless, unlike many flashcard apps you can find online, and for such purposes I can easily justify the $5 price tag. Aside from merely using it as a practice tool though, any absolute beginner could use this app to get an introduction to a language. All in all, for the price, I'd certainly recommend this app to anyone who's just getting started in one of the included languages, or who is looking for a more enjoyable way to practice what they already know, however if you're expecting a full featured language course that'll get you fluent, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. But hey, it's five bucks, less than most of us pay for a meal, so if you're serious about learning, and could use a more enjoyable method of practice, go ahead and pick it up.. only cost me .49c and i'm still refunding, very basic stuff, you're better of with duolingo on your phone. Fun, simple, effective game. Playing with my six year old kid ahead of a trip to Disneyland Paris and he loves it... honestly, seeing him enjoying learning like this is just a beautiful thing :) The language content is great and it gives good feedback. The UI is bit clunky because of the mobile origin but it's a minor setback, and it was a pretty cheap buy so yeah, overall I'm well pleased :). It is clear from the begining that this is a program aimed at teaching people who know little to nothing about the language that they chose. It is a great program if you want to start learning either Spanish, Italian, German, French, or English. Just keep in mind that it wont teach you an entire language. It does not teach you how to write or rules of grammar, just how to speak a few basic things. Never the less, it is a good way to start learning a language. Of course, a language class will always be better than this, but this may be what motivates you to take those classes. For $5.00, its not too bad.

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