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The Killer Caliber .32 Full Movie In Italian Free Download Hd

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Original Title: Killer Caliber .32

Genge: Action,Romance,Western




































Super cool Silver kills the seven members of a masked gang, one by one. Saloon girls and poker games enliven this action-packed movie which culminates in the unmasking of the evil gang's boss.
KILLER CALIBER .32 is a somewhat average spaghetti western that features a dull lead and a done to death revenge plot that doesn't really go very far in holding the viewer's attention. I'll lay a lot of the blame for that at the door of director Alfonso Brescia, a guy never known for making classy cinema; a lot of his later films fall into the so-bad-they're-good category, but this one's plain ordinary.

The miscast Peter Lee Lawrence plays a gunslinger who goes after an evil gang, taking down the members one at a time. A lot of the running time is preoccupied with genre staples like good time girls, poker games, and bar-room brawls. The characterisation is virtually nil and the wooden Lawrence doesn't breathe any life into his character. There's not even much in the way of action, although that which does take place is acceptable enough; a pity that Brescia didn't make more effort as director. Alfonso Breschia's not an Italian director that makes you sit up and go "Yeah!" - He's more like Mike Bennett and his involvement with The Fall's Light User Syndrome album as in, he's part of something cool, but on his own he's 'not up to much'....wait that's not on that album.

What I mean to say is Mike Bennett I mean Alfonso Breschia is more famous for releasing four or five Italian Star Wars rip offs: War of the Robots, The Beast in Space, Cosmos: War of the Planets, Star Oddesy and Battle of the Planets although I think that one is also Cosmos. In the large universe of Italian genre films, these are the Fall's receiver compilations and ENOUGH WITH THE FALL ANALOGIES!

This one stars Peter Lee Lawrence (from Long Arm of the Godfather and whom died at the age of 30 of cancer) as the charming hired killer Silver, who is hired to find a bunch of masked guys who robbed a stagecoach. He does this by playing cards a lot, smoking a lot, and shooting people but only if they shoot first.

However, someone seems to be either covering up their tracks or setting silver up for a fall as a lot of witnesses turn up dead, other members of the gang think Silver was part of the gang, and one of three main suspects could be the main gang leader, but who is it? This is as good an Alfonso Breschia film as you're going to get. It's much better than White Fang and the Hunter, the other Western of his I've watched. Very well made and looks great, with a slightly pedestrian story, bland hero and not much by way of great gunfights (although the last showdown is nice on the eyes, it's not very exciting).

Remember: I won't go berserk if you don't scratch my nice blue stagecoach.

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