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The Importance of Living a Healthy Lifestyle As a Family

The importance of living a healthy way of life for maintaining general good health and avoiding chronic diseases has been well established. A healthy way of life is pretty simple to achieve - one does not need to do anything "crazy" to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I will say that a particular amount of independent thinking is required to separate truth from fiction in most modern health advice currently being delivered.

The most important thing that you can do is eat well. Avoid toxins in your food as much as possible and consume plenty of fresh fruit, veggies and whole grains; exercise moderately a few times per week; avoid smoking, including secondhand smoke; and avoid gaining too much weight ( which should come naturally if you eat right and exercise). While it isn't always possible to eat all Organic food - the EWG recommends 12 vegetables and fruit that should be organic and natural because of their higher levels of pesticide residue. Avoiding environmental toxins as much as you can is usually an essential part of attaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Our modern lifestyle is very convenient - but it can also be extremely unhealthy. The majority of us eat too many processed foods and too few vegetables and fruit; we hardly ever exercise; and when we develop chronic conditions such as diabetes, we rely on conventional medications to make us feel better - but these medications often have devastating side effects. Instead of accepting the importance of living a healthy lifestyle for us and for long term generations, we continue with our bad habits - then take potent, toxic medication to treat our inevitable symptoms.

Of course , not all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle are in our control. We are going to be exposed to certain environmental toxins whether we like it or not. But many of these factors are absolutely in our control. Whenever we can, we ought to be responsible and make the right choices.

This is why it is so important to make sure you eat well as the key factor in attaining a healthy LIFESTYLE.

I say " way of life " because what I know is that " eating well" can sometimes be something a person will with resentment because they feel "sacrifice" is required to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

I remember when people who ate poor foods used to joke with me personally and say I was not really living because I chose not to eat pizza and drink beer - and I always replied " how much LIVING can you do when your body is recovering from what you put in it?

Shifting from an Unhealthy to a Healthy Lifestyle

The reason I discuss the healthy lifestyle tip of simply EATING WELL on my blog is because it has been so effective for my health.

It was not always like this though. I remember when I was addicted to a chocolate bar each day and I always had headaches or an infection or illness of some kind.

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