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Prior to the launch of Google in 1998, no search engine used links as a ranking factor. Links played no role in search engine optimization.

Google’s search algorithm relied heavily on links as a ranking factor, and this use of links in part helped Google return better results than any other search engine. Google soon became the dominant search engine.

SEOs took notice of Google’s use of links, and the link building began.

SEOs soon learned they could reliably manipulate Google’s results with easy to produce, low-quality links.

Search engines, at their core, are extremely advanced information retrieval systems. Like any advanced technology, search has evolved quickly based upon innovation in both hardware and software–particularly when there is a threat to the integrity of the technology.

Google introduced drastic improvements in their search algorithms which have changed–arguably for the better–how they determine which sites are the most relevant for a given search. In 2012 Google released the Penguin algorithm, which marked the beginning of the end for manipulative link building spam.

Search engine algorithms continue to grow more advanced and refined. Google is closer to its goal of returning the best results than ever before. All of this means if you want your site to sustainably perform well in search, you need to answer searcher intent. You need to deserve to rank, and then secure links.

Acquiring natural links that make sense, provide value, and are ethical is part of a sustainable search strategy.

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