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The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diet Lie 

Green Tea - Cate chins, one of the key ingredients of green tea, helps kick the flab and enjoy a slim physique without shifting out from the regular fat burner diet. The Catechist release stimulating effect on the body that initiates more burning of calories, thus helping you trim out your waistline within months.

Seaweed - Did not take a liking to seaweed shake the first time you had it at an expensive restaurant? Well, it's time that you started having it more often. Why? Simply because it contains algae, which can aid in appetite suppression by subduing your hunger by over 30%! So if you have it before or at lunch, chances rate hat you won't be having more than 3 meals a day - a sure-fire way to get down to the waistline size you lusted after so much.

Water - Yes water! Drinking lots of water (not buckets of it though!) is key to weight loss and natural appetite suppression. Have a good glass or two of water before you start off with lunch, and you will end up eating less. Feeling hungry between meals? Drink a fair amount of water. U might end up looking fresher than usual - and slimmer too!

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