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The Between Synthetic Steroids and Naturally Boosted Testosterone

You will find two ways to get more steroid testosterone into your body. You either stimulate your testicles into producing more, or you take some form of synthetic body hormone to replace what their body could have made. The negative side effects only come from using synthetic hormones - boosting your testicle's production do not have known side effects whatsoever.

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Using synthetic drugs may cause your body to stop producing androgenic hormone or testosterone because the brain picks up there is certainly already too much. In reality the synthetics will stimulate estrogen production in order to attempt to balance Is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) On Steroids or Natural? out the excess of steroids in the body. Taking artificial steroids will also get smaller the testicles simply because they are no extended being utilized to make sperm and testosterone. Which of course causes the other side effect - that being that men on these synthetic drugs generally are infertile; made sterile by the flood of drugs in their system which close down the testicles doing anything useful? Finally, there is a risk of developing prostate cancer as it has been known for years that it is testosterone that can make a little cancer become quite aggressive. So, besides breaking the law by taking illegitimate steroid hormones, there is serious health hazards associated with these drugs.

Contrast this with naturally increasing your own body to make the hormones it needs, there is increased fertility because your testicles are always busy being active doing the actual should be doing. There is not any disproportionate production of estrogen because the higher level of testosterone is the desired result searched for by the brain, somewhat than the brain seeking to control a flood of foreign drugs. And there are no risks of prostatic cancers because the increased testosterone is expected and desired by the natural systems within the body. And because the testicles are busy all the time, there is no shrinkage in size.

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