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Tamil Movie Dubbed In Hindi Free Download Speed Demon

Tamil Movie Dubbed In Hindi Free Download Speed Demon >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Speed Demon

Genge: Action,Horror,Thriller











































A mysterious driver in a muscle car with a demonic hood ornament hunts down a gang that has taken over a small town.
I rented this movie because of the interesting sounding plot.I have to admit I didn't really enjoy the brotherhood series at first because of the soap opera camera style and cheesy acting, but then realized it was the B- rated style of movie the filmmaker was going for so i put my expectations aside and found it very entertaining.I have seen better movies, but have also seen far worse.I knew what to expect from seeing the brotherhood series so it wasn't as bad.There is an entire audience out there who really enjoy and collect these type of movies.The plot may not please some ,but the actors are easy on the eyes.I am open minded and am not offended by nice male bodies.
When I saw the movie 'Shock Waves' (1977), I thought I had, without a doubt, seen the worst movie ever made. I must now apologize to director Ken Wiederhorn for having thought so. Director David DeCoteau's 'Speed Demon' (2003) is worse. DeCoteau can do good work but this isn't an example of it.

(Potential Spoilers Ahead)

Let's start with the setting. Wherever this town is that these kids live, there is almost nobody else living there but them. The film was very shy on, almost devoid of, extras to give the feel of an actual living, breathing community with some depth to it. Perhaps this is because the director moved from his familiar campus settings, with a heavy student population to draw from for extras, out into a wider world where extras cost more money. I can understand wanting to keep costs down, but the lack of a believable population gives the movie an odd feel to it.

This town also, apparently, has some odd ordinances that require men under the age of, say, 25 to all wear sunglasses but mostly prohibit the wearing of shirts, except to funerals and other public functions. It's a shame that the story was not as well built as the bodies.

Good horror depends on proper setup in order to make the viewer suspend disbelief and buy into the world that the director is creating. A brief mention of a 'Speed Demon' near the beginning of the film does not suffice. Flashbacks, or some other device, could have been employed at the beginning to set the stage and give more depth to the premise. When the lead actor talks about the speed demon before a fateful race, it rings hollow, more like high school gossip than urban legend.

The fateful race was entirely predictable and came too early in the film to allow the viewer to develop any empathy for the unlucky character or his brother. It had none of the tension of, say, any of the race sequences from 'Rebel without a Cause' or even 'The Fast and the Furious' and 'The Wraith', which were the most likely inspirations for this film.

The characters were shallow and did not elicit the empathy, sympathy or strong dislike that good characters have to do if the movie is going to work well. This was due in no small part to the fact that, generally, the acting was poor and distracted from what story there was. As an example, the lead villain delivered his lines in a consistently stiff, emotionless manner that was guaranteed to cure insomnia. To anyone who has seen other DeCoteau movies, the villain's wooden delivery would remind one of Bradley Stryker (The Brotherhood, et al), except that Stryker's tone of voice occasionally varied.

However hokey the supernatural premise, almost any occult ritual scene can be made to work on some level if the lead actor has enough charisma to pull it off; think Michael Des Barres in 'Ghoulies' (1985). Des Barres performance was definitely over the top but it definitely didn't put the viewer to sleep, either. The lead villain in Speed Demon's occult ritual sequences leant no charisma whatsoever to the scenes and they came across as tedious frat initiations. This was not helped by DeCoteau's now-familiar, and tired, device of massage, to say nothing of underwear, either by doing it to one's self or with the help of a friend.

Forgive me for picking on the lead villain...there's plenty of banality to go around for the whole cast.

And the twist ending? Please. Not believable. The dark driver should've just driven off into the west, leaving them wondering about 'his' real identity similar to Eastwood's Preacher in 'Pale Rider'.

Let this be a warning to young, aspiring directors: Well developed pecs and abs are no substitute for a well developed story. To you young actors out there: There's absolutely nothing wrong with developing one's body, but pay attention in drama class; don't just sign up for it and then head for the gym. Develop and work at your craft or you may someday find yourself living back home with your parents while trying to scrounge money for head shots and wondering why your agent doesn't return your calls.

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