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About This Game

Gold, legendary items, and more await you! With huge golems, interdimensional beings, demons, monster lobsters, and much, much more to slay, the only thing that ISN'T standing in your way is a paywall - Soda Dungeon is completely free to play, with no frustrating timers, lives system, or anything that might get in the way of a thirsty traveler's dungeon delving.

For a little taste of their favorite brew, heroes will brave goblins, demons, lobsters, and more to bring home the treasure for you. Use that sweet dungeon loot to improve your tavern and purchase new sodas to sling to lure different classes to hire.

Manage your team of caffeine-crazed adventurers as they raid the local dungeon for treasure. Attract valuable classes such as the Thief, Knight, Healer, Darkmage, Shifter, and more.

After gearing up your team, you can control the action with classic turn-based RPG combat, or enable “Auto-Combat” where you can step away from the game, let your team go questing, and reap the rewards when you return!

Ascend higher and higher in the dungeon as you advance through new dimensions, face huge dungeon bosses, and unlock the power of the ancient soda relics!


Title: Soda Dungeon
Genre: Casual, Free to Play, RPG
AN Productions, Poxpower
Armor Games Studios
Release Date: 6 Feb, 2017


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Soda Dungeon is probably the idle game I have most enjoyed out of all the idle games I have played. I am really enjoying the art and sound design and would recommend any idle game fan try it out.

. Soda Dungeon is, essentially, an incremental game. Like Cookie Clicker and Clicker Heroes, the game essentially plays itself, though I'd say that Soda Dungeon both requires more interaction, and rewards the player more for said interaction.

You start by hiring heroes, equipping them, then sending them to fight monsters in an ever increasing difficulty dungeon. Every 5 levels there's a miniboss, and every 10 there's a boss. Once you reach level 100 (then 200, then 300), you ascend the world, and gain a new relic, which gives you pretty big bonuses - people who've played Clicker Heroes will recognise what's happening here. Characters do not level up, instead progression is done through items and leveling relics.

And really, that's all there is to the game. Like Clicker Heroes, it's very simple, with a surprising amount of depth. It's nice to just have on in the background, checking on it every now and then. Put auto battle on and come back once an hour or so.

The art style is, like the game, simple. There's a decent amount of enemy sprites, that are all pretty well drawn. The animations are a little too basic for my liking, but that's not a big deal. I'd like a bit more variety\/interesting visuals, but oh well. I really like the music, but of course it tends to get repetitive after a while.

I only really have small issues with the game. This was a mobile game ported to PC, but no keyboard controls have been added (would be nice for selecting abilities). Some of the controls are a little awkward because of this, but it's easy to get over it. I'd also like a bit more control over how the auto battle works.. Yes it's an idle game but i ADORED this on android. It's balanced by your choices of characters and what you equip them on each run of the dungeon. Some in game items are overpriced but they all cost more or less the same with actual money. For example, the "speed up dungeons" thing you can buy costs 50 million in game gold, or 1.99. Nothing really goes any higher than 2 bucks.

You can choose between playing like an RPG or letting the game auto battle. Sometimes its beneficial to do it yourself to make better choices. It's a great balance between idle and actual game. All i can say is, give it a try, and get to at least level 100 in game. It's really great and won't take that long.. Yes it's an idle game but i ADORED this on android. It's balanced by your choices of characters and what you equip them on each run of the dungeon. Some in game items are overpriced but they all cost more or less the same with actual money. For example, the "speed up dungeons" thing you can buy costs 50 million in game gold, or 1.99. Nothing really goes any higher than 2 bucks.

You can choose between playing like an RPG or letting the game auto battle. Sometimes its beneficial to do it yourself to make better choices. It's a great balance between idle and actual game. All i can say is, give it a try, and get to at least level 100 in game. It's really great and won't take that long.. I can't believe this game is free if I'm honest. So much content and creativity for a free to play game once you really get into it. Very addictive and whatnot.. Surprisingly enough for "clicker"-like genre this game has pretty interesting gameplay.
Basically a Cookie Clicker mixed with turn based RPG.

The more characters you unlock and gear you find, the more interesting gameplay becomes. Since all characters and gear has its own stats, passives and skills the options for making a perfect team are pretty different which is setisfying.
You can play this game manually or as a "managment sim" with ai doing all the work for you. But to be honest AI is pretty dumb.. Ok to keep it short and simple. If you like idle games you will find this game appealing. If you do not like idle games stay away from it .

The game is pretty simple you are a coward but to still reap the rewards of dungeon crawling you hire soda addicts in the local bar to do your job. You can set the group on automatic mode or use their ability on your own. Playing the group on your own is pretty repitive therefor i set it on automatic. It's a simple yet fun idle game :)

8\/10. The game is fun, what more can I say? Yeah, it's a mobile port, but this one boasts some things I've NEVER BEFORE SEEN.

1: Ad-free. They literally just gave you the Ad-Free tavern thing...for free. There are NO ads in the PC version.
2: THEY CHANGED TAP TO CLICK IN EVERY INSTANCE!. I've actually played this game on mobile, and I've been addicted to it, now that I've it on PC, I can take the game one step further, since I actually ended up breaking my phone. Rip Touchscreen. You'll not be missed. But seriously, I reccomend this game! It's easy to start, and just as easy to finish without paying for anything! Especially with no paywalls, I love the game so much.

Monthly update, August: New trailer and screenshots, plus hats!:
Hi everyone. We have a new trailer! There was an older trailer we had on our storefront for about nine months. We figured it was time for an update. We could tell you more about it, but it would be faster for you to just watch it for yourselves. We hope you like it.

Taking a look at our Steam build history, it looks like we uploaded 27 patches during the month of August. And we have one more that we're going to try to push out today. We fixed tons of bugs this month, thanks to the help of one very dedicated tester. We're not opening up the game for Early Access just yet. If one tester found that many bugs, we would probably drown in bug reports from many testers.

For now at least we can say that the game is much more fixed than it was a month ago. It's smaller and faster and now playable through about 6 hours of content.

Speaking of content reminds us: there are now hats in the game!
Here's a test level showing off some of the 30+ hats and helmets in the game so far.

There are helmets that add defense, wizard hats that increase spell power, and crowns that increase leadership. There are top hats, goggles, miters, hoods, masks, and more, all with unique stats and sprite sheets.

We're going to keep adding more content to the game, and hopefully we'll have a release date to announce to you soon. For now, please add Himeko Sutori to your wishlist if you haven't done so already, and you'll get notified when the game is ready.

We'll be back next month with more news.. Monthly update, April: New enemies, new challenges in the Shadowlands:

Hey everyone! We've had a busy month. We just uploaded an update introducing the Shadowlands, which is the dangerous and mysterious realm behind the world gates. We have new maps, new enemies, and a bunch of bug fixes (and probably introduced plenty of new bugs as well).

You can read more details on this update at our Kickstarter page.

Development is moving along and we are glad to share this progress with you.. Patch notes 2 February 2019:
I'm still working on a few things. I'll edit this if I can still finish anything else today.

First, I'm having trouble recreating some bugs. If you can provide steps to recreate any of the bugs you report, I'd really appreciate it. Especially the exact steps in the "pause menu, lance menu, save game, return to game, black screen" bug. Thanks.

As for today's patch, here's what we did:

Game speed options are now saving and loading correctly.

Save game buttons now have their text back. I had somehow changed the text to a font that hadn't been embedded in the menu.

Fixed a bug that halted your progress near the end of the first Shadowlands zone. You should now be able to progress to the next area.

Hopefully fixed a rare bug that caused lances to become desynchronized from the battle maps.

Skeletons crafted with the necromancy skill had slime portraits. They now have regular skeleton portraits. Your current skeletons will have the wrong portraits until they die or you start a new game. But any new skeletons will have the right portrait.

Retreating from battles actually hadn't been fixed last patch. It should be fixed now.

If you change from a ranged to a melee attack in the middle of the attack, it no longer affects the attack currently in process.

. Patch notes 7 May 2019:
Cumulative patch notes for the past week:

Added tavern interior map to Al-Ramliyah. Added more interior maps to Icy Reach and South Point: outfitters, tavern, enchanter, alchemist, druid lodge, blacksmith. Still need to add NPCs to the new locales.

Added smaller grassy battle map for early game. More small maps to come.

Fixed visual bug where some grass patches were too bright.. Monthly update, July: new desert area with new battle maps, towns, and factions:
Hey everyone! There's still almost a week left in July, but something came up and I might be gone for a few days, so I wanted to post this to make sure I don't skip a month.

Those of you who have been playing our test builds know that we last saw our heroes as they stepped through their second world gate. We have now built the area behind that gate.

The Ittihad al-Janub is a land of harsh desert and lush oases.

Beneath the sands you'll find vast treasures jealously guarded by the ancient pharaohs and their servants.

You'll also fight the Scrappers with their mechanical creations. And you might pick up some useful schematics and spare parts from them. You'll explore new towns, make new friends, and fight new enemies.

Before the end of the month I hope to post the next update including all of the latest content and bug fixes. And then you can start exploring the Ittihad for yourself. I'll get that patch up as soon as I get back.. Patch notes 30 Jan 2019:
We are in the middle of a UI overhaul. We've replaced most of the generic buttons in the game.

Yumi now starts the game as a cadet. Emi starts the game as a forester. Let us know if you like that change or if you want them to start as adventurers.

Cadets were much weaker than intended because swords give no magic attack bonus. We changed the way abilities work so now you can add physical, magical, and ranged power to any type of action. Cadets' magic attacks now use physical attack power.

In connection with the above, we added level-up cards that will let you add physical, magical, and ranged power to any type of action.

We added several new leadership bonuses that you can get via level-up cards. You will need to start a new game to put the new abilities into your level-up decks.

Usable recipes now appear at the top of your inventory when you go to crafting stations.

We hide quests when you are crafting.

Added options for changing the speed of the game.
. Patch notes 31 March 2019:
We fixed the issue with the screen not returning from black after Hari and Kalakanda join the party.

We fixed a visual bug in some postprocessing volumes (such as the nighttime fire level) that was causing dynamic DOF to not work.

We added a new town, Satsuma, to the Yamatai world map. It's still empty, but it's there.

We fixed a bug in the normal-map reading of one of the game's materials that was causing the sun to shine seemingly from the wrong direction.. Patch notes 5 February 2019:
Increased movement speed on world map when fast movement option is set.

Fixed the bug that had been causing blurring and blacking out of screen when zooming out. It was an issue with the fast camera movement setting.

Fixed bug where the autosave button would appear on the save game list after saving the game.

Fixed the duplication bug where crafted units would duplicate their items when unequipped.. Patch notes 16 February 2019:
Characters with level-ups waiting for them now have a star over their heads in the lance setup menu. (Also, just now patched an issue where the stars were not showing up if they were in front of the fog.)

You can now browse through next and previous characters in your army from the equipment menu (with a little animation on the character portrait), without returning to the default character sheet.

For modders, I changed all instances where a new pawn gets created so that it will create a pawn of the default class you set in the GameInfo, instead of creating a new RPGTacPawn. This makes it much easier for you to implement custom pawns throughout the game.. Monthly update, June: Bug fixes, better night lighting, crafting:
We just fixed the last game-breaking bug that we were aware of. We still have some more bugs to fix (most obviously some dialog issues with the new characters in town), but we're in a good place for right now. We'll continue testing and patching for the next couple of days before we get back to larger content updates.

As for stuff we added during June, we improved the look of the world with rim lighting. It really helps make the world look more interesting, especially at night.

We are integrating crafting all over the place, with more crafting stations, vendors, and loot drops.

And we continue adding more areas to explore and more enemies to fight.

You can read the latest news in detail over at our Kickstarter page.

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