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Secure and Simple Solution For Video and Audio Broadcasting

Accenture is among the world's leading management technology consulting and services organizations.

Television-like video content to the audio transcription Internet is made to send your message to the planet, through live or internet video broadcasts. The video broadcasts can be projected over the internet in realtime or saved on servers for rebroadcasting via the company's web site. Online video broadcasts are used by government and education organizations to participate the public cost efficiently, always, and meaningfully. In the event of government organizations online broadcasts are used to teach their constituents on its policies, and to open up public meetings and events to large crowds. Educational institutions use the broadcast movie to communicate with students and employees and as a medium for applications in marketing, journalism, and much more.

Online video broadcasting is used for promoting various events: training sessions, corporate press conferences, community events, concerts, and worldwide tradeshows. In terms of the exhibition facilities, they can highlight their services and area in a professional way to tradeshow producers and event planners globally. Industry providers utilize video broadcasting to show their large planning projects at important events. Tradeshow producers expose their occasions to an worldwide audience by means of this technology. It brings coverage and attention from media around the world. In fact, broadcasts offer the technical connection allowing events to occur concurrently in various areas of the world.

Users are interested in enhancing their corporate image and website as well as boosting the event live to a global audience through effective and high excellent broadcast means. There are various tools which make video broadcasts attractive to users and equivalent in actual TV program quality, for instance, encoding, recording and editing solutions. Video broadcasting,

conference and conference and court reporter content can be sold even after the event has already taken place. Ultimately this provides a completely new after-life earnings flow.

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