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Rustangelo PRO (Basic) Activation.rar

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About This Content

is an automatic sign painter for

No extras included with the Basic package.

PRO Includes:

  • Unlimited painting time
  • 4x more colors than non-PRO (100 colors possible)
  • Faster painting by drawing straight lines to fill in large color areas
  • Auto canvas update so other players can watch you as you paint
  • Better painting accuracy with the double-click feature
  • Auto screenshot when painting has completed
  • Image Tools: Add Borders, Cartoon Effect, Crop Image, Oil Painting Effect, Overlay Text, and Split Image


  • Automatically paints signs and maps using images loaded from disk or URL
  • Support for all common image formats (png, jpeg, gif, etc.)
  • Support for all canvas sizes in-game (wooden signs, picture frames, metal sign posts)
  • Able to crop, rotate, and adjust your image before painting
  • Unlimited painting time; limited to one hour for non-PRO users
  • Paints using a 100 possible colors by utilizing different brush opacities (PRO feature)
  • Automatically draws straight lines to speed up the painting process (PRO feature)
  • Auto-update the sign while painting for display to other players (PRO feature)
  • Works on any server type (vanilla, community, modded)

How It Works:

  • Load your image from disk or URL
  • Click the Paint button and capture the canvas area (where to paint)
  • Press the Control hotkey to capture the painting controls area
  • Rustangelo screen-captures the palette and remembers each color. It then dithers the image to match the colors available in the palette.
  • Every pixel in the image is scanned and placed in the matching palette color bucket
  • Now Press the Control hotkey again to begin the painting process
  • When the painting process begins the app automatically cycles through all the colors, painting each pixel for every color
  • It is recommended not to move your mouse while Rustangelo is painting as it will disrupt the process

Check out Rustrician :: RUST Electricity Simulator:

Rustangelo is currently only compatible with a Windows OS.
Rustangelo is not affiliated with Facepunch Studios (FP) or any of their developers.


Facepunch recently made Rust full-screen exclusive which causes the game to minimize when using Rustangelo, however, this behavior can be reverted. Set your Rust launch parameters to: "-window-mode borderless" (without quotes). See: 1075eedd30

Title: Rustangelo PRO (Basic)
Genre: Indie, Design & Illustration, Utilities
Release Date: 23 Jun, 2016


Rustangelo PRO (Basic) everything what i want use just 32-64colors, prety bad. Highest version will be maybe better, but for the price its nonsence for me.. Purchased this to support the developer! Thought it was a great idea! :)

Supposed it says 40 mins, but it finished in 30 mins too. It's going to take forever without the PRO version. :D. I tried to do a simple black text on white background, but it takes 40 minutes and 56 colors to make an unreadable sign.. Where do we find the Regestration Key??
. Its a pretty good app for rust id say its perfect if it didnt seem to struggle with reds and it needs to draw faster. But gotta say even with it not being perfect with every pictures colours i did get some good star wars and lincoln osiris photos in my base now.

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