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Runes: The Forgotten Path Download Xbox 360 Iso

Runes: The Forgotten Path Download Xbox 360 Iso

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About This Game

  • 100% designed for room scale VR.
  • Cast spells by drawing in the air with motion controllers.
  • Smooth locomotion, teleport and front facing gameplay are all options.
  • Full story driven VR title with different environments and puzzle solving.
  • Photogrammetry for full deep and immersive worlds.
  • New seamless locomotion system: 4th wall (in addition to teleport and smooth locomotion).
  • Nodding system: answer to yes or no questions just by moving your head.

You are Leth, a wizard who awakens after a long slumber trying to escape from the Oblivion, a magical sleep prison of the mind. Your spells are forgotten.

During the game you will recollect his memories bit by bit, recalling your past and figuring out the mystery behind a magical world populated by bizarre and unsettling entities.

How did you become trapped in Oblivion? Who put you there? And why?

Astray from the path of righteousness and trapped inside yourself by the tyrannical order of the Panopticon, you will have to face a blank beginning. With the use of your powerful spells and wits you will fight enemies, solve puzzles and pursue the recollection of all your lost memories.

Legends tell of the ancient golden age of peace and prosperity at the beginning of time, when the Makers created mankind giving them the gift of Magic to shape reality and grow strong. 

The Makers guided men, teaching them wisdom and love for all beings in the cosmos, but they left to other dimensions for unfathomable reasons.
Mankind was left on its own. Men and women built a strong and wise civilization, bending the forces of magic to shape reality and create inconceivable wonders. Then the priceless gift of the Makers turned into a curse, as the strongest men, who grew power-hungry, became tyrants.

The Panopticon had been established: an order of powerful wizards that started regulating magic, allowing only a little glimpse of it to be used by their underlings. The punishment for those who defied the law was Oblivion: an eternal sleep prison of the mind that forced the body of the traitors into life while their mind was imprisoned in a never ending limbo.

This was the second age: an age of dictatorship, fear and hatred; mankind was strong and safe, but was no longer free.

Oppression lasted for centuries and it seemed it would never end, but all of a sudden something mysterious and terrible happened. The great Cataclysm, the causes of which are still unknown, left behind a scorched world, freeing forces of entropy on the lands of men that brought mankind on the verge of extinction.

Runes uses a new locomotion system which combines 1st person and 3rd person gameplay mechanics. 
The name of this system is "4th Wall" since the player crosses the wall from spectator to actor in a seamless yet engaging manner.

The system works as follows: all interactions (such as fighting, dealing with puzzles, etc) happen in 1st person, however when traversing long distances the view can be switched to a 3rd person fixed camera. In this mode the player will see his avatar, and control it as in a regular 3rd person game, while still being able to move in room-scale and observe the environment. This allows for many interesting new concepts, from puzzle mechanics to narrative choices.

4th wall is however not the only locomotion solution adopted within the game. As of now we have several main locomotion systems working inside the game: 4th Wall, trackpad locomotion and teleport. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Runes: The Forgotten Path
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
StormBorn Studio
StormBorn Studio
Runes: The Forgotten Path
Release Date: 14 Nov, 2018


The amazing, action packed, magical adventure of spell slinging awesomeness I was expecting? Not so much... Runes; The Forgotten Path is more of a story that you are experiencing with some puzzle elements thrown in.


My main take away from Runes is that it needs quite a bit of polish. There's a decent VR experience in here but it's buried under a plethora of tiny issues that quickly add up to hurt your experience.

Some of the controls were rather awkward especially the grip button not only bringing up the menu but also being the selector while in the menu. It just felt awkward. The locomotion settings were also reset between level loads causing quite a bit of frustration.

Starting the game up does not take you into any sort of main menu. You're dumped right into an excessively long story intro. For most this will likely be fine but for anyone else that launches their games while still seated with their headset on the ground, this is just annoying. You don't need much for a start\/main menu. It's pretty standard IMO and to me, lacking one is a sign of lazyness and a lack of polish.

The physics seemed odd at times. Like a small piece of paper having sideways gravity... This is just immersion breaking and frustrating.

Along the same lines I had tracking issues in very specific parts of the virtual room regardless of where I was in my real room. This makes me feel like the tracking issues might be software rather than hardware but it could very well have been something with the wireless or any number of things. Tracking aside there were issues where the fault was obviously the game trying to decide where to stick me. For example the rafters in your safe room. The game got very confused when I tried to climb up there.

The bright flashes of light at the start of the game were blinding and painful. The blurring of the screen when 'reading' memories caused quite a bit of eyestrain. Both of these caused quite a bit of discomfort.

The special locomotion style that Runes uses doesn't feel as unique as they claim. I really wasn't overly impressed with it but I'm definitely partial to trackpad locomotion. It could very well help enable someone who can't handle trackpad locomotion but I feel it's not quite as amazing as it was described.

The NPC animations leave a lot to be desired. Whether it's close up shots where you notice that their eyes are dead, lifeless and unmoving, their mouth moves like a wooden ventriloquists dummy or their limbs don't animate naturally.

There appears to be an interesting story here however this is likely a pass due to the lack of polish unless you're really into having primarily a narrative experience. $24.99 might be a bit much. Pick it up on sale.

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