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Rolling In The Reef Activation Code [Xforce Keygen]

Rolling In The Reef Activation Code [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

Rolling in the Reef is a dice-driven strategy game about guiding your fishy friends to thrive in their coral home. You are a Sea Spirit, sent by Poseidon to skillfully manipulate a pool of fish-dice, repel reef invaders and dig up treasures in the sand.

  • Unlockable artifact powers and multiple playable "schools" of fish!
  • Weekly challenge mode with leaderboards.
  • Ladder/ranking system + procedural generation for endless replayability.
  • A satisfying strategic experience in 15 minutes or less.

The game combines and remixes many elements of euro-style designer board games like Castles of Burgundy, Troyes, Sagrada, and many more to create a thoughtful, interesting and deep experience. A large collection of unlockable artifacts and "schools" of fish together with BrainGoodGames' staple single-player ladder and random map generation ensure that Rolling in the Reef has plenty to explore.

Rolling in the Reef is the 6th game from Canadian game design studio BrainGoodGames, creators of Militia, Axes and Acres, SkyBoats, Minos Strategos and Solar Settlers. BrainGoodGames is committed to making fun, engaging single-player strategy games that combine random generation with a single-player ladder so you can enjoy our games for as long as you like!

Solar Settlers


Minos Strategos b4d347fde0

Title: Rolling in the Reef
Genre: Strategy
Release Date: 13 Jul, 2018


Another great and brilliant game from BrainGoodGames. If you like puzzle games (kinda chess-like in style but based on placement and with random elements) and you don't have the full BrainGoodGames corpus in your library, you are missing out. This is a good one to start with, but be sure to also check out Solar Settlers (similar) and Axes and Acres (kinda similar).

One downside of this one compared to the others is the shape of the learning curve (for me, anyway -- I am sure it is different for others). I went from cruising to appx level 20 in each of the four versions without a single loss, to struggling to get appx 4 more levels up, to stuck (unable to advance except when I lost games and thus dropped back a level to where it was easier before advancing again). I see it is possible to advance because there are a half dozen people on the global leaderboards with up to ten more levels than I have, but I am baffled about how they are doing it. So, having reached the "one step forward and one step back" point, and having gotten the final achievement (win 100 games; I was the first to get it among those appearing in the global leaderboards [takes bow]), I may be done.

That said, I *really* enjoyed the game and got my money's worth of lots of great gameplay out of it (about 30 hours - my stats reflect a bunch of time afk). So do buy it if you like card-puzzle or chess-like puzzle games!. Another very nice strategy game, by B.G.G. I am loving this guy's work, of taking modern boardgame mechanics and applying them to a video game interface, without making the experience overburdened with animations. There are also legacy-unlocks and daily challenges that keep the game fresh and interesting. I play these games for hours at a time, and they do not get old for me.

I enjoyed this game on ubuntu linux 18.10, with radeon mesa drivers. This is an entirely mouse-driven game, running the Unity Game Engine, with a 200MB install size. I had no technical problems at all. I highly recommend these games to all boardgame fans.

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