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Robot coupe food Veg Prep Machine CL60 Is Made for the Industrial Kitchen

An professional kitchen is a large-scale mechanized catering enterprise that produces food for large public consumption. Samples of typical professional kitchens are: clinic kitchens, conference and wedding venue commercial kitchens, prisons or any other institution kitchens. The common denominator between all the industrial kitchens is that they prepare meals all day long and in some cases the kitchen is a twenty-four hour operation.

The at home cooks are constantly preparing meals that include a variety of ingredients and the most frequent ingredient is vegetables. Each and every dish contains one or other vegetable and those veggies need to be chopped up, diced, shredded, or cubed. If you have ever prepared a meal, you'll understand how long it can take to put together the vegetables by palm. This process can take lengthy hours and these are valuable hours that a commercial kitchen are unable to afford to lose. With regard to that reason, Robot coupe food has introduced its Veg Prepare Machine CL60 to the hospitality industry.

Spiralizer Ultimate Only 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer

The Robot Coupe Veg Prep 5 reviews Machine CL60 prepares vegetables to support anything from 300 to over 3000 servings. It is a hard working machine that is built for the industrial kitchen. It produces 1500 W of power in a 3-phase method. Its specifications include a 2 speed setting, namely 375rpm and 750rpm. You may set the machine on a faster setting, if you need to prepare your vegetables very quickly, when you are pressed for time. Typically the CL60 comes with an operating time of up to 1800kg per hour. That is a lot of veggies. So you can be assured that you are getting the best in vegetable preparation machines. This progressive technology ensures that the Robot Sports coupe CL60 can endure extensive hours of use to meet the industrial kitchen's popular.

The Robot Coupe vegetable preparation machine offers many cutting solutions for the professional kitchen. That can be fitted with a wide range of discs that are offered in different sizes. With each option you can either slice, grate, poisson or dice any vegetable or even any fresh fruit. The creative chef will cherish the variety of trimming discs and the convenience it offers. You can set the machine with the corresponding cutting knife and watch how quickly it slices those celery or dices those taters. Once it's done, you can simply add it to your dish and get to cooking. It saves so much valuable time besides making vegetable preparation an enjoyable task.

With much research and technology behind the name of Robot Coupe, you are certain an excellent vegetable preparation machine that is durable, effective, and reliable. The Robot Coupe CL60 provides the solution in efficiently preparing vegetables. Once you have tried this Veg Prep Machine you quickly realize that it is really an indispensable part of kitchen equipment that no commercial kitchen can do without.

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