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RER2 Extra Episode: Little Miss Free Download [Xforce]

RER2 Extra Episode: Little Miss Free Download [Xforce]

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Extra Episode: Little Miss
Natalia dreams that her favorite teddy bear, Lottie, has gone missing. Startled, she awakens face-to-face with another version of herself. Unsure if it is still a dream, together they go in search of Lottie. This is the story of Natalia's mysterious adventure.

*This extra episode provides a different gameplay experience than the main campaign. Natalia's original costume is included.
*Episode One required to play. 7ad7b8b382

Title: RER2 Extra Episode: Little Miss
Genre: Action, Adventure
Resident Evil
Release Date: 17 Mar, 2015

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Russian,Traditional Chinese

rer2 extra episode little miss. resident evil revelations 2 extra episode little miss dlc. resident evil revelations 2 extra episode little miss


Unfortunately, Little Miss is a short and boring chapter in which you sneak around enemies while controlling Natalia. There basically is no combat but what makes this Episode boring, is the slow movement of Natalia and poorly executed Stealth elements which simply don't fit quit well with this game.
I would only recommend this Chapter to the die-hard fans who would like to know every bit of the story, otherwise you can just read the story on Google and be done with it. This Episode is not really worth playing!


  • Dark Natalia's character is lovely
  • Lottie seems like an interesting bear<\/li><\/ul>Cons:<\/b>
    • There's no combat at all
    • Story is quite simple and boring
    • Stealth and gameplay in general is done poorly
    • The copy-pasted stage doesn't really fit with the design<\/li><\/ul>. For stealth lovers. Aaaand some pedophiles, ha ha, just kidding.. This DLC tries to explain what happens to Natalia before she meets Barry. Unfortunatly nothing new is discovered and almost the entire content is just recyled assets from the main game. No new areas, mechanics, enemies or story reveals. Only a couple videos that feature the Teddy bear Lottie and very view hints at what happens to Natalia. The player will not start inside the laboratory and explore the tower. Instead the player will just watch a short video and spawn in the sewers at the exact same spot where Barry begins his chapter 3 with Natalia.

      After all this is a failed attempt at stealth gameplay with Natalia in the focus, accompanied by "herself" as imaginary partner. During this short DLC that will not last longer than 1 hour the player will try to avoid Revenants and Glasps, by either hiding behind objects, throwing very few smoke bottles or simply pointing. But this is not required as enemies are so deaf, blind and numb that it is even possible to just walk beside them or get pushed around by one without ever being noticed. Until some random event decides to detect her anyways, even through objects that should cover her. And every fail is punished with a Game Over.
      It perfectly demonstrates that the stealth mechanics in Revelations 2 are barely working and easily broken.

      There is nothing in this DLC that makes it worthwhile. Even the added records like "Finish Little Miss without being detected once" only award few skill points.
      Some fog effect that covers everything, one atmospheric soundtrack that playes in the background and an additional costume for Natalia are the only noteworthy additions. If anything, this DLC should have been a free unlockable inside the main game. Which it can be to some extend, if you own the Deluxe Edition. Or like i do, as Preorder bonus.

      We all know that Natalia loves Lottie and that Alex is in her head<\/span><\/span>. There is no point in repeating that over and over.
      This could have been an attempt at a psychological horror episode, with a captured child as victim of tests, a dark scientific project, and the dramatic escape, but instead it is just hide and seek with Revenants.. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 DLC - Little Miss<\/b><\/u>

      Little Miss was a story that went weird places. Though it doesn't truly add much in terms of story content, its bizarre tone makes it interesting to play. The character of Lottie, a bear on the edge, was both hilarious and creepy at the same time.. I've got the DLC in season bundle It's fun, but bit boring. All sneaking up and hiding from uroboros. Still dark natalia kind of rules here, she could slap the monster and go away with it just fine xD. Don't buy this, this DLC is atrociousely boring and very very very short (maybe 1 hour?). Really sad since the concept was good. :\/. A bonus episode to help flesh out Natalia's story? Sure, why not! I picked this up with the rest of the game proper but played it after concluding the main story. Plot-wise, it does a good job at addressing some outlying plot threads that are hinted at in the end of the main plot line, as well as touching on some of Natalia's origins and her ties to the antagonist of the main storyline.
      Like all episodes of Revelations 2, you are given control of two characters who can interact with the environment in different ways, and you have to juggle control over the two to progress through each level successfully. This time around, you've got Natalia as your primary character, rather than as a sidekick. The secondary character provided is a "Dark Natalia" of sorts, and while regular Natalia can interact with the environment physically and is vulnerable to enemies, Dark Natalia can proceed through a level ahead of her kinder self, and mark out enemies for a period of time. Using Dark Natalia as a scout, the rest of the game plays like a no-nonsense stealth-like spin off of Revelations 2's core gameplay mechanics. Regular Natalia is completely incapable of hurting enemies, and if one discovers her, you must start the area over from your last checkpoint. Between the two bonus episodes, I prefer this one's remix on gameplay more, as it realizes you can approach a Resident Evil level with stealth instead of the usual choice of "run" or "gun". The length is minimal, so maybe wait for a sale, but if you are looking for a different take on the base game experience, this is the episode to go with over the much more stressful The Struggle.. So, I've heard you like little girls. Boy, do I got a present juuuust for you~\u2665. Unlike the other DLC, this is quite interesting. Is an sneaking mission using Natalia, with a really weird story and setting. It almost looks like a Silent Hill game. Having said that, I dont know if its worth the full price, I would wait for a sale.. Its like an awful stealth game where you lose if you get spotted once and has all the replayability of sticking your\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665in a woodchipper.

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