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About This Game

Atomic Age Brinkmanship

Take control of the United States or Soviet Union and provide technical and economic assistance to guerrillas all over the world fighting for your cause, all while avoiding a direct and open-confrontation with the enemy.

​In Precipice, subterfuge is the most important strategy. Safeguard your closest allies and change unfavorable regimes without giving away your long-term ambitions. Every action risks an enemy reprisal, and if nobody backs down from a standoff, we all lose.

Will you be victorious in the Cold War, or will you send us all over the precipice of nuclear annihilation?


  • Face a highly-responsive, unpredictable AI that will attempt to understand your strategy and counter it at every turn.
  • Hotseat play and (currently experimental) multiplayer play available.
  • World leaders from 72 countries realized as animals native to the region, all pawns in the dangerous game of nuclear chicken.
  • Manage resources from territories under your control to resolve immediate crises or win over future allies.
  • Recreate history, or forge your own path. Put a bear on the moon. The possibilities are endless.
  • Simple, intuitive gameplay that is also difficult to master.

Title: Precipice
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
LRDGames, Inc.
LRDGames, Inc.
Release Date: 1 May, 2019


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Precipice fills a niche in the strategy genre which to my knowledge has remained unfilled since Balance of Power came out in 1985. The challenge of the game is to not only be winning, but also not winning too much, lest you push your opponent over the brink. The developers have also been working consistently on improving the game in small ways since its launch, which is nice. That said, if multiplayer is your preferred mode of play you may want to hold off since there's not enough to deter human players from "flipping the table" if they're going to lose currently.. I am a big fan of Cold War settings, but in video games I feel this setting falls a little short, especially in the strategy genre. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a 1985 Amiga classic (older than I am actually) called "Balance of Power". I played it with an emulator and immediately liked it, but as the game was so old, I wished for some sort of remake.

Precipice is this remake.

It is obvious that the devs have taken their inspiration from this classic, and they did a fine job bringing it up to date.

What Precipice is about? It's a turn-based global strategy game set in the Cold War. You either play as the US or the USSR and have to extend your influence around the world either by risky business such as intrigue, espionage and military actions or by the peaceful means of providing resources to countries in need, development aid and diplomacy. At the end of your turn, any risky stuff that was uncovered by your enemy can be challenged by them. You can either back down and lose some support world-wide can escalate the conflict to the next stage, demanding your opponent to stand down. But they can refuse again...
But be careful and don't push it too far, or nuclear hell will break loose across the earth, ending the game for both parties with a defeat.
If you manage to not end us all in a nuclear holocaust, you can win the game by either having more influence points by the end of the game or by pushing your rival to do so many desperate actions that they will crumble in the face of domestic unrest and chaos.

It's a neat little game and if you're into Cold War diplomacy, brinkmanship and risk-taking or if you ever wanted to experience the Cold War on a grand scale, this game is for you. The price tag is appropriate in my opinion.

The only thing I agree with when it comes to common criticism is the weak AI, but since release, the devs have been incredibly active in improving the game and adding new features.

So give it a try and please, try not to unleash nuclear hellfire upon us all.. Excellent concept, awful execution. Mutiplayer dosnt work, that was why I bought it. Might revisit it in the future if they fix it.. Nice game, the animals add a very charming touch, however, I am shocked that Portugal is not shown on the map, it was an important country very affected by both the soviet union and the united states.
Anyway, if you like animal people, mutually assured destruction and spies, it's a gud game. The game is still very young, the Ai is hard, its a good strategy game for multiplayer, but its hard seeing to play this game on singleplayer, as the ai will literally bully you into ending it in nuclear war, of course you can back down, but you'll lose loyalty. I can see this becoming a hit in Multiplayer, but for now. Its a no for me. It's like Plague Inc. but the illness is communism.. A great experience to play with alone or with a friend. Especially for the price. If you like a thought provoking game, I would highly recommend the title.

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