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POE role analysis - witch

Witch introduction
Witch intelligence characters, the main development direction is spells, summons, totems, elements, shields.
Because all occupations are only different starting points, but the talent map is shared, and the skills are also. In the past, witches only played as a mage, but in the path of exile, the theoretical development is very free, but we must seize the problem of survival, and have survived as the core to talent, so you can play other skills of the witch, such as the skills of the wizard. Such as shaman skills and so on.

Background introduction
If they did not surrender to the inner weakness, they would not fear my talent. If they did not set fire to my home, I would not take their children. Now I am exiled to the ghost island of Valklas. I listen. I have said that there are rumors about the monks here, and I also saw familiar fears in the eyes of other exiles. For me, it is no different from other places. The elements are my allies, the deceased are my servants, and the fear will be Be my closest friend.

Witch element
A1 elemental damage and resistance: Add 6% elemental resistance, increase 10% elemental damage.

A2 ancestor origin: When your magic image exists, increase the damage of the corresponding element by 40%, the damage of your element magical element, increase the gain effect of 100% elemental magic image, and have at most one magic image.

B1 element damage, abnormal state chance: increase 10% elemental damage, 3% chance to make the enemy freeze, sense and ignite.

B2 abnormal state: every 14 seconds: contains ice stagnation for 4 seconds, including galvanic convergence for 4 seconds, including igniting confluence for 4 seconds, including ice mitigation, electric stimulation, igniting confluence for 2 seconds, each confluence represents all damage will trigger The abnormal state of this property.

B3 Elemental Damage: Abnormal Status Chance: Increases Elemental Damage by 10% and 3% chance to cause the enemy to freeze, sense and ignite.

C2 Cataclysm Eruption: Reduces the damage of the Elemental of the Element of the Infest of the Infant hurt.

D4 chaos genius:
Damage penetrates 25% Frost Resistance if you have fire spells in the last 10 seconds
Damage penetrates 25% lightning resistance, if you have Frost skill in the last 10 seconds
Damage penetrates 25% Fire Resistance if you have lightning spells in the last 10 seconds

In these powerful contexts, the witch's internship can be imagined. So since the game was released, the witch is a very hot character. Players often use it with POE CURRENCY and skills to enhance the resistance and damage of the skill. If your POE Trade or POE ORBS is not enough, go to can also enjoy the offer.

E1 energy shield, energy shield recovery rate:
Increase 8% shield.
Increase the auto-recovery rate of 15% shield.

E2 vicious cell:
Add 100 shields,
If the shield begins to respond within the last 4 seconds, the shield's reply will not be interrupted.

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