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Ninja Stealth 2 Keygen Download

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About This Game

Ninja Stealth 2 is the sequel of Ninja Stealth - A.I. Revolution, now as a RPG with more puzzles than sensors.

The Game:

  • 38 new levels to explore
  • The final part of the story
  • New puzzles
  • 2 different endings, your choices will decide which one you will see!
  • And a radioactive dog as your friend...

Title: Ninja Stealth 2
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
SC Jogos
SC Jogos
SC Jogos
Release Date: 30 Jan, 2017


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The second installment for the game...however this is weird: It's got more a gameboy type of gameplay with the keys (which you can't assign). Still the achievements are there and they are plenty.

The only reason I'm recommending this is basically 2 reasons:
1) Achievements for just screwing around in the game
2) It's a break from other online games which can get toxic after a while.

If you have the money to buy this on sale, then do that rather.. Achievements.
Pros: You get 4990 achievements by idling 2h and Trading Cards (+ 1-2h).
Cons: You have to actually play, to get last 10! :D

Well, the game is not bad at all! :D. Best game perfect graphics 2 hours awesome gameplay. Gooooood game!
+5000 achievements
100/10. nice game
Easy achievements
. Do you want 4990 achievements for launching a game? Then this is the game for you!! Hope you ain't an achievement hunter though cause the last 10 chievos require you to actually play the game. Can't recommend this in good conscience.

Small update, nothing new, just to make sure that the game is working properly.

SC Jogos. The future of SC Jogos: New framework:
I thought I wouldn't update my games this year anymore, but, since I have some stuff ready and a lot to do yet I am releasing an update for Ninja Stealth 3 with the new framework.

You are probably thinking, what is that? Well, it's simple.
All my games have some code that are shared among them, I was working on that to improve it and to make some changes to adapt for the games Call of the Mighty Warriors and Cube Land Arena. That code is the framework that which I use in all my games as a start point.

It also makes easier to keep the older games uptodate, every time something is improved for the games I working on, it will be shared with the old games.

What will improve with these changes?

:ns_green: A better version control, that is just for me to keep track on what was done, it won't make any difference for you guys.

:ns_green: A better integration with Steam, It was already working fine, but I have improved it a little more.

:ns_green: A better saving system, it's meant to be faster and more reliable. Although, you will have to restart the game, except Andarilho, I hope.

:ns_green: The best improvement is on the audio management, it will better managed and it will no longer have those spikes when some sfx is played.

:ns_green: There are some other fixes and improvements, but, you won't notice it.

The first game to have the new framework is Ninja Stealth 3, soon the other games will be updated with the same improvement.

SC Jogos

. V.1.3.2:
Just making easier to defeat the androids. Well, you shouldn't fight them, but the major complaint is about that so, I'm making the game easier.

Enjoy the Ninja Stealth Collection!

The Bundle V.2018.3.0:
The new Golden Edition is available! V.2018.4.2:
A small update to remove the DRM as announced before, you can see the update more detailed here.[]

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