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Unpaid Bills. Pending deadlines. An argument with the spouse. It's no revelation that every-day stressors such as these trigger tension within the body, manifested by an uncomfortable tightness in the neck and shoulders, and an overall stiffness of spine. But what is less obvious is the slow-building tension which creeps up through your arms, accumulating between the shoulder blades. The first step in preventing such discomfort is to stop tension in its tracks by loosening your grip.

Take a minute to visualize your body while performing some common, daily tasks. Is using a computer part of your daily routine? Next time you use the computer, take a moment to assess how much pressure you're placing on the mouse, and how this affects the neck and shoulder. Try relaxing your wrist, palm, and fingers so that you can move the mouse using feather-weight touch. Each time you relax your grip, you convert tension into comfort and simultaneously take pressure off your carpel tunnel.

Driving is another common activity which generates stress. Release tension during your drive by loosening your grip on the steering wheel. When you relax your normal iron-strength grasp on the wheel and maneuver turns with relaxed palms and flexible fingers, you create a fluidity of motion that will translate up the arms, relieving tightness in the shoulders. Try using this technique when performing other hands-on activities. Anything you put your hands on -- be it a pen, or a toothbrush -- has the ability to increase (or release) tension within the body.

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