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Mystic Saga Download Setup For Pc

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About This Game

Reveal the secrets of the past, find ancient scrolls, and find out about the prophecy ancestors! Decipher ancient spells and find magic keys to mastering the power of all the elements!

Enter the fantasy for

  • More than 250 quests!
  • Check out over 15 unique characters!
  • Defeat an evil empress!
  • Explore ancient Asia!

Title: Mystic Saga
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Release Date: 27 Jan, 2016


they are so many better hidden object games out there I wouldn't wish something like this on my worst enemy. Started as nice promising hidden object game that turned into an annoying thing, at least for me. So this is a mobile port and it works fine, no glitching, freezing etc, the only issue i can say it doesnt matter if I put it on HDD or SSD it takes around 30 sec to start then it`s fine, I`m guessing it has to do something with windows 10 but who knows.

-alot of scenes to play on
-objects randomize, change positions
-RPG elements
-limitation on how many times you can explore a region before you deplete your energy and have to wait, this is a good thing forces you to chill and do something else for a change
-extremly long, if you planning on getting everything ingame
-steam achievements
-steam trading cards

-replayability NONE, especially when you have to explore the same area\/picture so many times in order to progress
-the annoying energy limitation, yeah i said it`s positive but at the same time it is annoying
-even with the objects randomizing after a while you see the pattern and you can beat an area in 30 sec
-some pictures are way too dark so the objects are kinda faded in with the background which was annoying
-some minor bugs, when you click on "Go to area" game crashes, happens randomly for no apparent reason

Well got the game during a sale, steam suggestion seemed nice, payed 50 cents for it and that would be the perfect price for it, if you`re like me wanting to burn through asap and being held back with having to wait for the recharge, and for me the repepetive part was really annoying. But if you`re a person who`s gonna play this occassiaonly then you probably would enjoy it more then I did.

Reccomended with a caution.. A game where you have to wait for energy to use in order to play,
Completing a game of Hidden Objects within a limited time you will be reward you with random items which are used to complete collections, unlock new areas and complete quests.
It’s highly repetitive and the stories are pointless (you really don’t need to read a single word in the game.)
The quests are the same things over and over, find certain items, play a certain area or interact with the creatures walking around the world map.

It's the same thing as Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure and all of their other games just with different image screens.

Clicking on objects in a quick chain rewards you with extra items, energy and xp.. they appear on top of the screen and prevents you from seeing where the hidden objects are making it harder and really irritating.

A very uncreative company.
Purely just a cash grab for anyone gullible enough to make the in-game purchases.
If you want free achievements then go for it, that's the only good thing I can say about this game if you like collecting them.. It is fun to play this game. Tho it had some troubles on the path, but those got fixed by game team.
The only thing that i do not like, is that there is one quest, that i have no idea where to get one item for. Non of locations of merchants have it. But still. Game is nice, if you are in to puzzle kind of games.. good for casual
-not for hardcore hidden object finder. great game highly recomend. I am recommending this game because I did enjoy playing it. Was it my favorite game ever? No but I still had fun. If you like hogs then it works well and has good graphics. The story is pretty good, too. Now if you are impatient and poor this is not the game for you. If you can afford to spend the money then you will be able to get all the achievements faster than I did (58 hours) but I did accomplish that feat without spending any thing more than the .49 USD I paid when it was on sale. Now it was originally a free to play game so it does have an energy bar but I got plenty of energizers to replenish that energy bar while playing so that was good. Does it have a lot of grind? Of course, that is the nature of the beast but if you are patient and don't mind sometimes having to wait for the energy bar to replenish (or have money to spend) then this could be a fun game for you, too. Just don't pay full price.. A pretty good game overall, especially for so cheap.

PROS: Beautiful scenery, creative locations and character backgrounds, every location has its own special NPC that offers unique items, and a nice twist in what seems to be a predictable storyline. In the HOPs, you look for items based on name (ie "lamp" or "horseshoe") or by silhoutte (an outline or the shape of the object). The silhouttes are hard until you get used to the look of the items you're searching for. Also, every few HOP at the same location results in a "night mode" in which you have limited vision to find the objects, which is a nice challenge.

CONS: Absolutely no cutscenes, no voice-over dialogue, no minigames. I would even say no moving parts but there are NPCs who float around the map when you unlock their location. Purely HOPs with a "world view" type map that I wish only hinted at the next location and didn't actually reveal every location you're going to reach from the first minute you play the game. Also, the game doesn't end when you reach the final level, it justs gives you more quests that require money but you can't level up anymore. Overall, a good game though not for everybody.. Really good and fun hidden object game; highly recommended.. Whilst I enjoy this game a lot, there's no levelling up after leverl 45, so no more gems or experience etc. This does put a serious dampener on things as you have no reason to keep going and will soon lose interets after this point. Enjoyable, simple and fun for casual gamers.

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