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Must Read - Overview of Protein Foods, Carbohydrate Foods and Low Fat Foods

There are a lot of foods to build muscle fast. This article purposes answer two questions:

1) Which are types of food to build muscle? 
2) Why are they important?

A person, who is aiming to a perfect body, should add up.The three food groups we will talk about: protein foods, carbohydrates foods and low fat foods.

A) Protein Foods: uses building blocks called amino acids that run threw the bloodstream and into any muscles that need repairing. You need put down around in your workout. Some foods is suggested egg, chicken breasts, fish(tuna, salmon),steak or lean beef and whey proteins.

B) Carbohydrates Foods are our sources of energy. You can't do anything without them. List of them is Oatmeal, breads, brown rice and potatoes, whole-wheat pasta, baked potatoes, bagels, sweet potatoes and fat free yogurt.

C) Low Fat Foods: needs to balance. Following a research, scale of protein, carbohydrates and fat is 40:40:20. This is optimized figure to build muscle. However, we have good and bad fat. Of course, we just need good fat. We can find this in olive oil, avocado, natural peanut butter, flax seed oil, nuts and fish oil.

What are else?

Fruits and Vegetables: not only give huge amount of protein, vitamins. But they also give minerals. Therefore, you should eat them as much as possible. The young does not like them. It is a bad habit. You should add up some foods below:

Nuts: are terrific source of high density energy. You do not try to focus on just a single of nut. 
Vitamin C: orange or broccoli.( also includes essential vitamins and minerals). 
Vitamin E: Almond is fulfill requirements of Vitamin E. 
Minerals: Iron: is necessary to transport oxygen to muscle tissue. 
Magnesium and Zinc: are also important.

Water does not only hydrate the body, but it also boots endurance, improves strength, muscle fullness and a speedy metabolism. We need least 64 ounces of water on a daily.


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