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Men Of War: Assault Squad Download Xp

Men Of War: Assault Squad Download Xp

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About This Game

Men of War: Assault Squad features a completely new cooperative skirmish game mode with access to five different nations (Russia, Germany, USA, Commonwealth and, for the first time ever in the Men of War series, Japan) as well as increased realism and accessibility.
Players can get behind the controls of a tank to smash through obstacles, crush soldiers under their tracks and fire high-explosive shells at enemy emplacements, they can even take control of individual soldiers as they fight. As in previous games in the series, Men of War: Assault Squad includes the unique "direct control" feature which enables players to be in command of any unit using the WASD controls, rather than pointing and clicking.

Key Features:

  • Different historical settings and battlegrounds for every nation presented in the game allowing players to face distinct varieties of enemies and tactics
  • Unique hero units with powerful abilities such as increasing units' firepower, boosting morale or providing other advantages to defeat the enemy against all odds
  • Bonuses featuring remote controlled bombs that can flatten entire residential blocks, airstrikes to destroy incoming tank columns, special "For the Motherland!" charge attacks and many more
  • Improved and dynamic AI ensures that no two missions in the game will play out the same way, making each battle a new experience against an AI that really fights back
  • A great choice of various locations including Western Europe to Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Pacific area
  • The ability to play together with up to four friends in LAN or cooperative online play
  • New multiplayer maps and game settings
  • Improved multiplayer providing authentic use of equipment and vehicles
  • Overhauled infantry squads and the ability to purchase specific soldiers
  • More realistic weapon behavior and penetration values
  • A reworked artillery system providing innovative assault and defense strategies
  • New types of ammunition which increase the tanks' strength

Title: Men of War: Assault Squad
Genre: Strategy
1C Entertainment, 1C-SoftClub
Men of War
Release Date: 24 Feb, 2011


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great strategy game. I like it. Rate 11\/10

Main Dragons:

I always was a big fan of Dragons. Always thought they were the most powerful beings of any fantasy story. But after years playing against them, I felt a need to play WITH them. To help them. To get away from the most common understanding about dragons that exist in most tales: The idea that dragons are evil. And that their only role is to destroy and spread chaos. I was tired of being part of the stories where dragons MUST be defeated.

When I started the plot of Dragon Iris, I was interested only in showing the side of the dragons and not just put them as human enemies. I wanted to say that a dragon has a life, that he or she has feelings, and that HE or SHE has enough depth to be a good protagonist. When I finished the plot, the dragon society was huge. With three kinds of social classes, three protagonists, and the whole story ended up with eight possible endings.

Through this series, there will be moments for you to choose the paths that events will follow, and I am sure no one will guess how these choices will affect the protagonists. The first step is the Chapter I that will launch in February, 1. The beginning of the base route. A route that will tell what is the ideal ending. After that, the other seven possible endings will be shown.

There are a lot of stories to tell, and I'm going to publish all details in and out of the games. Be alert for the release of our Discord server, our Facebook page, and a special Newsletter on our own website.

That's it for now. Iewi.. Human Society:

We, the humans, seem to have a supernatural need of making things organized. I believe that life would be so much simpler and easier without that much organization, for example, if we let the days pass freely just watching the sun rise and the moon appear... But one of us decided to count how much time it takes to happen and today we have complex calendars and advanced watches trying to dominate our actions.

The Dragons wouldn't understand all of our complexity after all they live freely. We insist on the complexity because the simplicity is boring most of the time. This is how the human society from Dragon Iris behaves with a high level of complexity and a lot of organizational rules. Some adapt better than others to it, but no one could complain of boredom.

We, the humans from Earth, also, have our complexity and our organization. Talking about our calendar for example... it is time! Tomorrow February, 1 the game will be available and I'm anxious to share with you all the human complexity from Trae, to show the city of Eloportem, to talk about Alchemy and to enjoy the narrative along side with you.

That's it for now. Iewi..

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