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Memoir En Code: Reissue Crack 32 Bit

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About This Game

Memoir En Code: Reissue is an autobiographical game album. Designed to be experienced similarly to a music album, this short experimental game explores different bits of the author's life.

Divided into different interactive tracks, the game leads the player through the exploration of very personal moments, from the struggle of keeping together a long-distance relationship to the exploration of childhood memories.

Memoir En Code: Reissue was designed, developed and produced by only one person in the attempt to explore autobiography in games.


  • 9 interactive tracks with unique gameplay and mood
  • Sad moments and happy moments
  • All new graphics, sounds and user interface
  • 9 keys to obtain
  • 1 message
  • Developer commentary


  • Play multiple times to fully experience the game. ~40 minutes for a first playthrough, to be extended in order to reach the game's ending.
  • Use headphones for a better experience.


How does Reissue differ from the original Memoir En Code released in 2015?
The game features all new graphics, interface, and parts of it have been re-designed. Reissue also includes a new final track to give closure to the game, plus the dev commentary. Take it as a sort of HD Remaster Extended Director's Cut edition.

Should I buy this game?
If you like experimental games, yes.
If you don't like experimental games, maybe.
If you give more value to content than length, yes.
If you give more value to length than content, no.

Can I put a Let's Play video on YouTube?
Yes BUT, considering that the game is fairly short, I'd appreciate if you could at least avoid recording the new (last) track called Lei Disse as well as the solution of Memoir De Code. b4d347fde0

Title: Memoir En Code: Reissue
Genre: Indie
Kalopsia Games
Release Date: 21 Sep, 2016


  • OS: 7
  • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated
  • Storage: 200 MB available space


A retrospective tale that shares the joys, doubts and fears of the author's life.
It's candid throughout, often confusing and occasionally funny.
Short but provocative, though quite abstract. A very off-beat experience that is somewhat light on gameplay.
Having done a single playthrough, I don't necessarily feel much sense of accomplishment, but there are parts of the game that I would replay and share with friends, which I believe is what the author set out to do.. Disclaimer: I know the developer

This is a great game that manages to be both funny and touching in a short amount of time. Recommended for everyone who doesn't just judge games by hours of gameplay\/dollar!. An intimate experience which got me to understand some things I didn't get to in real life.

Alex is a kind soul, and you can couple the effect of his feelings on other parts of his life through these moments. It's most relatable to those who have been in similar situations.

Overall it allowed players to empathize and to experience something not easily narrated through text\/voice. Alex shares his heart.. I'll start with a disclaimer: I know Alex, the author of this game.

But now I feel like I know him better. And getting to know a person by playing some of his memories is nothing short of amazing.
The game is a brief but very interesting and polished trip in different moments in Alex's life. Make everything fit together and find a way to read his hidden message.
A very personal but also very relatable game, done with care and a fantastic attention to detail.
I can sum everything up with one word: Magone, google it.. It's a moving game- not overdramatical or pretentious but intelligent and clever in a way it portrays author's experiences. Great proof how games can built emphaty like no other medium does. I really recomend it.. This unique experimental game consists of a sequence of mini-games in the life of the creator. It manages to explore his memories, fears, quirks and feelings in a way that feels extremely intimate but very relatable at the same time.

If you like experimental games and want to see how this medium can be used to explore the most personal parts about someone's life I strongly recommend this game.. This a very intimate gaming experience and I personally enjoyed it very much. What you do is basically getting to know small pieces of the developer's life through mini levels. The game is also intended to be played like you would play a record, while you stroll down memory lane.

This was the first playable autobiography I ever experienced and I recommend this short game to everyone who is seeking for something different.

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