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Malayalam Movie Download Baaghi ->->->-> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Baaghi

Genge: Action,Romance,Crime



































Vikram and Raja are colleagues and works for the underworld don, Manmohan. Raja loves Cabernet dancer, Rani and hope to marry her soon; but Manmohan set his eyes on her and wants to have her at any cost. When Rani refuses he forcefully abducts her which made her commit suicide. Enraged at this Vikram and Raja murder Manmohan by shooting him thus Vikram take over as the leader of the organization. Years later Raja meets and befriend the son of a college professor, Surya after Surya save the life of Raja on multiple occasions. Surya fall in love with the sister of Vikram, Kiran; however their marriage are not acceptable by Vikram but the couple remain determine this pits Vikram to take steps to get rid of Surya. Raja also prepare to save his friend Surya from the contended wrath of Vikram.
Professor Vidyashankar Pandey gets employed as a lecturer in a college and relocates to Bombay. His family, consisting of himself, his wife, and a young son, Surya, move to a chawl in South Bombay. Vidyashankar notices that the area and the community is being controlled by notorious gangster, Raja, and his men, and does not want this to impact upon his young son, and his wife. Unfortunately, Surya is impressed by Raja, and treats him like his hero. Once Surya saves his life, and on another occasion, refuses to identify Raja as the killer in a police line-up. Raja takes a liking to Surya and treats him like a close friend. Years go by, Surya has grown up, and despite his parents' objections still hangs around with Raja and his men. Then things take an unexpected turn, that will make Surya regret saving Raja's life, and not identifying him in the police line-up.
the film mainly shows Inder Kumar and not Sanjay Dutt because all the film its his love story.The film also stars some big stars like Aditya Panscholi,Gulshan Grover and Mohan Joshi.The film does have some good action scenes like the ending and the introduction of Sanjay Dutt but the rest of the film is a load of crap like how does the girl fall for Inder Kumar?and how did Sanjay become Aditya's best shooter?still some questions are unanswered.The songs were not bad like the first and second were the best the rest were OK,the performances were OK to but the main credit has to go to Sanjay Dutt and Aditya Panscholi they made the film look good and gave the film a lot of backup.People only watch this film around 11pm on a Saturday
I can't believe that Bollywood writers have the ability to sleep at night knowing that they are ruining great films. The entire plot was the same as a Bronx Tale and a majority of the film made no sense at all. The acting was horrendous and the characters were all unbelievable. To start off with the cast was chosen incorrectly and the editing was also off.

The storyline was hard to follow as every 20 minutes there would be a pointless song, which had absolutely no effect on the storyline.

If you ended up enjoying this film (for what ever reason you may have) then I suggest you watch the film "Josh".


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