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Water is an essential component of our body, making up a two-thirds portion of our body. Thus, it is essential that we take care of the quality of water that we intake, considering the readymade and junk acidic food we consume every day. Thus, Alkalen Water PH ensures the pH value of the water keeps in check the acid consumption in our body.


List of Alkalen water pH Benefits:

  • Regulation of Acid:

Alkaline water with a high pH value has proved to have several benefits. Various studies revolving around the usefulness of alkaline water have suggested that there have been benefits for people suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Alkaline water has shown to neutralize the acid in the blood and has shown improvement in facilitating the blood viscosity. Acidity has been a conducive factor for the growth of cancer-causing cells and has been a cause of migraine attack. Alkaline water has a pH level of between 8.5 to 9.5. Thus, the use of alkaline water can help address the harmfulness of acid in our body and prove beneficial in life.

  • The Hydration and Drinkability factor:

Infused with microclusters of water molecules, the alkaline water allows for easy facilitation of being absorbed at the cellular level in the body. This enhances the hydration factor with every glass of alkalen water. Moreover, the water is readily absorbed by the cells paves the way for the drinkability factor by minimising the ‘bloated’ feeling by the frequent consumption of water every day.

  • Blooming and Healthy Skin:

The high pH level or the alkalinity property of the water makes way for a healthy skin by keeping the body hydrated. The Alkalen water pH enhances the elasticity of the skin while rejuvenating the skin tissues at the same time. The acne problems are also said to be reduced with the detoxication of acids by the water enriched with higher pH value.

  • Stronger Bones:

People suffering from frequent sprains and joint issues can benefit largely from alkaline water. The water is instilled with mineral sufficing the requirement of essential minerals for healthier bones, avoiding the risk of Osteoporosis. All this leads to lubricated joints for better motion and for ease of doing physical exercises. The inflammation and pain during the sprain are greatly handled with the use of alkaline water.

  • Detoxing:

The Alkalen water benefits the digestive system of the body. The toxic acidic wastes that delve into the lower part of the large intestine over time can be broken down by the consumption of alkaline water and helps it in pushing it out of the body.

  • Instils energy in the body:

The alkaline water aids in digestion and helps in the breakdown of fatty acids that prove to be an appetite-suppressing agent. Thus, it in turn boosts the energy within the body.

  • Aids Heart Health:

Reducing the strain on the heart and facilitating in the smooth running of the psychological systems. With the better absorption of minerals like magnesium and calcium, Alkalen water helps to keep cholesterol and other heart-related problems at bay and provide a better immunity mechanism.

To enjoy great Alkalen water pH benefits, one should start consuming Alkalen water. Embrace a healthy lifestyle and enjoy every moment without having to worry about your health.

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