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Limo Rides Make Any Individual Feel Youthful Again

Lately my kids moved me to an assisted-living community. They obtained tired of playing dominoes with me. So here I am, in L.a, California, bordered by a number of people "my own age", as well as all we do is play dominoes as well as sing church songs and view talk shows.

My children are right. Dominoes are burning out.

So you understand just what I did? I obtained tired of kicking back and viewing life pass. I do not have that much time left on this earth, so I may as well freak out. I drew myself off my padding and also went as well as grabbed the phonebook. Then I started canvassing Los Angeles for limousine rentals. All us old folk are mosting likely to bust out of here for a day of limo flights. We'll take some of the specimen-preperation pleasant registered nurses with us, and also we'll repaint the town ... a respectable shade of pink. Yet, hi there, fun is enjoyable, no matter what shade it is.

When I started calling about, I didn't know what concerns to ask, except "What does it cost? is this going to cost me?" and also "Do you enable rest stop?" Then I located a fantastic firm that rents limos that aren't so costly. The girl that answered the phone was actually wonderful and handy, when she learnt I intended to get me as well as my friends (as well as a few of the good registered nurses) from the house for a while, she obtained really enthusiastic. She believed it was a wonderful suggestion. Right then and also there, she obtained approval from her boss to offer me a special bargain, and aided me organize the entire trip: The number of limos I needed, the beverages for the bar, the denture-friendly snacks. She even booked a dining establishment for us in downtown Los Angeles.

So why limousines, you ask? I aren't sure. It simply seems like fun. It'll make me really feel young once again. It'll make my next-door neighbor with major hearing loss as well as bladder control troubles really feel young once more. It'll make the bad nurses who make base pay and manage bedpans throughout the day feel important, really feel-- I have no idea-- like they're someone unique.

Plus, when you get to my age, you start looking back in all the memories you had more than the years. You get tired of looking back, and also you intend to begin making brand-new memories, you wish to begin expecting the future. A limo reminds you that life isn't really over, that it can be attractive once more.

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