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Jewelry photography is a specialty style of photography. Most people uses a lightbox, or tent which is merely a cube that is build up of translucent material formed in a cube. The translucent material is used to diffuse hard light to avoid harsh shadows. But usually what you get with is super low contrast flat lighting. This style is most popular with catalog style photography. But if you are looking to manufacture a stunning photo of a piece of jewelry you are going to have use a different method to manufacture a "beauty" shot as they call it in the industry jewelry photographers Los Angeles.

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Chose a background color, or texture to enhance the photo. For the color you can use a contrasting color from the rocks. Avoid similar colors and tones as the stone or color of the treasures. For texture, a stone tile works pretty good. Or some rocks, bamboo bedding and sheets, and even some props can help improve the photo to manufacture a scene the other more successfully appealing than your boring white background.

Instead of using all softbox light, throw in some hard light hitting rocks and make them really pop. A photographic bling if you will. Magnifying mirrors or silver reflectors can be used as your hard light source as well.

The second most important part of jewelry photography is depth of field. You want to get the most focus out of the shot as possible. Usually using a small aperture will do just as well. Remember not to zoom beyond the boundary in as that will also kill your depth of field. More than likely you will want lens that has macro capabilities. This way you can get as close as possible to the object with your camera, keeping you from having to zoom in and lose your deep of field (dof).

White balance is another big concern when it comes to jewelry photography, especially with gold. If you don't have your white balance set correctly your gold will probably come out a brown color and tone. If you locate this problem you know that you have too much blue or green in your color, and may adjust accordingly. Usually setting up a white card in the beginning of the shoot is a good idea. And you can reference that for you source of white point. Exposure is also important to keep your gold jewelry from turning brown. Check your histogram to make sure you are at proper exposure.

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